Monday, November 30, 2009

Beautiful "After"

What a shock -- not the new color of the blog -- the weather when we woke up this morning! Temps dropped into the low 50s overnight with strong winds and rain -- for a minute I almost forgot I was in Texas!
The photos above are awesome! Hopefully you remember Cathy and Dwight. We had volunteers in their home last year. They live right on the coast and had a beautiful home - until Ike came ashore and blew the entire lower level away! I will never forget the first time I saw it, the mess underneath and the sadness in Cathy's eyes. Our first team came in like gang busters, framed, plumbed and ran wiring. From there it was a week by week task and when we left them they were going to finish up the details on their own. Finish they did!
Last Friday night I just happened to be on their street and decided to just stop by and take a look. It was just what I needed to see at the end of a busy week! It actually took my breath away! Cathy was outside putting finishing touches on Christmas decorating and was thrilled to take me on a complete tour. Breathless! Beautiful! Beyond imagination! And the sadness that I had seen in her eyes that first day we met . . . way gone!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just thought you might like to see some beauty for a change and for those of you who worked on their home -- wow! If only you could see it with your own eyes! THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Most of our day was spent running back and forth, but what else is new. We don't have volunteers until next week but that doesn't mean the work stops. We spent most of the afternoon at Rosalind's helping the dumpster company remove the full one and bring in another empty one. We also met our UMCOR supervisor, Alan, there for him to take a look see at the results and structure of the home after the gutting was complete. He agrees with us that structurally it is sound and we will need to bring in a few miracles to get it rebuilt with the budget we have but then God is in the business of miracles so here we go . . . another of those leaps of faith!
The rest of the day was spent with "truck" issues. The box truck needs an inspection but has some "issues" that need worked out before that can happen. Monty's truck has developed a problem that has yet to be determined and with all the rain it's still undetermined at this time. He has some ideas and none sound good . . . but God and His miracles are always around the corner.
An update on Logan and Janey -- Logan remains in the rehab area of the hospital and is still on the ventilator. They hope to try and wean him off but haven't been successful to date. He has a high fever and they aren't sure if it's an infection or pneumonia. It's been 18 days and Janey is worn out. Please keep both of them in your prayers.
Until next time . . . don't forget those prayers! They work miracles! Susan and Monty

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