Friday, November 27, 2009

One Home -- One Day

They arrived from Houston and were ready to work. The temps for orientation were a bit on the chilly side but they just shivered and waited to see where they would be working and what they would be doing. Most of them are college students who have the weekend off -- and they chose to come and serve! If only more kids . . .
We had 2 jobs for them to get started with. Monty took 3 guys with him and headed off to Walter's to clean up all the debris in front of his home. They made trip after trip, chopped and chopped, loaded and loaded and then unloaded and unloaded into the dumpster. By the end of the day the dumpster was full, the guys were worn out and Monty had decided we need another chain saw! Tomorrow they will be doing the same thing at Martha and Steven's. Maybe not the same guys -- we'll know tomorrow morning when we meet again before going out to all new jobs.
The rest of the team followed me to Ralph and Laura's. We met this couple nearly a year ago and they have done all the work in their home. We had a team help get them gutted out and they took it from there. This team came in to paint the interior of the home. While taking with their team leader prior to their arrival she told me "they can paint" and she wasn't kidding! There were 7 of them and they painted the entire house in one day! Each room is a different color and Laura did an amazing job of coordinating colors. It made it fun for the team to do. I was amazed each time I stopped in to check on them. They were all smiles and all work! Ralph and Laura were thrilled!
As I stopped at Hsilda's to drop off bags of concrete for George to build the platform for their air conditioning unit I saw the finished deck! He did a great job and is ready to continue and take the house to completion! Keeping them in materials will be a full time job as they are workers! Now the baby won't step off the deck and fall!
Monty said that his team prayed with Walter before they ended their day and Walter was in tears as he remembered all the teams who have come and helped him! I know how much each team touched his heart and kept him company. Being 92 and living alone he spends most of his time keeping the parrots fed and wishing another team was coming - for the companionship! Relationships!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There will be more team members joining the ones already here. We will have another orientation for the group tomorrow morning and off we will head -- many different directions but all will result in laughter, work and blessings all around! God is smiling!
Until then . . . bless someone and feel the joy! Susan and Monty

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