Saturday, November 14, 2009

They came . . . they floored

They arrived late Thursday night and were raring to go come Friday morning. This team was led by Tom and Jeannie who are NOMADS. This is a Methodist group who travel around the country blessing others -- and this team they led was from their church and they continued the blessing of others.
We had planned on having them continue the work at Janey and Logan's but Janey called very early Friday morning saying Logan was in ICU in the hospital having trouble breathing. For those of you who don't know, Logan is on oxygen all the time so this is quite serious. I have not heard an update from Janey yet today so I apologize for not knowing anything more than that.
So we shifted into Plan B and called Robert to open up his door and in we came. This team was amazing as they started on the flooring and did a wonderful job. They also touched up some electrical issues as much as possible and left plenty of notes for the next incoming team Monday. The floor looks great and Robert is very happy! He was upset that he had to be out of town today for some job related training and was not able to say goodbye to the team. They got to visit with him yesterday and understood how important it is to keep ones job, especially these days!
I also made a visit to yet another home this afternoon. Rosalind hasn't even been able to get all of her household belongings out of her home to prepare for gutting! That will all change come Monday! She kept telling me how we were "an answer to prayer" and fought back tears each time she said it! Prayer does work -- and God is always on time! We will have quite a job ahead of us as this home must be completely gutted along with a new roof put on and siding outside. It has not one shred of insulation in it -- and of course we will be changing that! She is excited about the teams coming and will be able to work right along side of them since she is layed off from NASA.
Yesterday also had me visiting with Martha when the Lowes truck pulled up with her kitchen cabinets, counter top, pantry, flooring and kitchen sink. She was so shocked and excited at the thought of having a real, working kitchen by the end of next week! It's a very small house and it will have volunteers working on top of volunteers but we hope to have it all installed next week so volunteers that are coming --- get ready!!!!!
We also learned that the roofing estimator will be paying a visit to Mel and Billie's -- hopefully this next week. The sooner that gets done the sooner we can get started with the rest. I did talk with Alan today, our UMCOR supervisor, who was in Houston at a "Re-store" where folks can bring in construction supplies that they did not need but are still useful. Looks like we he will be bringing back all the windows we will need to install in Mel and Billie's house!! They don't even know that bit of great news yet!!!
Piece by piece, part by part, bit by bit --- the blessings are around every corner. All we ALL have to do is keep our eyes open to see them and our hearts ready to receive them. They may not come in the package we thought but guaranteed they will be better than we could have possibly imagined!
Tomorrow is Sunday -- how about attending church and saying a prayer of thanks for all your blessings!!!!
Until then . . . be blessed! Susan and Monty

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