Saturday, November 07, 2009

My oh my - did they paint!

They worked till dark last night and were back at it early this morning! They came to prime and paint and did more than that. Yes, they got the outside of the house painted, two coats. And the inside is completely done, including the ceilings.
But they also came to minister and that is exactly what they did when Ms Doris came to pay them a visit and thank them for their work. She spent some time with them, telling them her story and admiring all the work they had done and were continuing to do. Ms Doris is 87 years "young" and more than ready to return home. After this team, all she needs is flooring and cabinets and she will be able to do exactly that - come home!
Many thanks to this team as they joined together for a common cause, to represent Jesus in everything they did. Smiles were abundant, one lady even celebrated her birthday yesterday! She came to serve on her birthday! What a heart for Jesus! She even got a home made carrot cake for her birthday!!!!!!
It was the perfect way to end a fantastic week of volunteers coming, work getting done and folks being blessed from all directions!
Thanks to all the teams who worked so hard this past week! Bless you!!! And come back soon!
Until next time . . . bless someone else and get the blessing in return! Susan and Monty

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Art said...

Hello Susan and Monty, I have been catching up on the latest blogs and it just amazes me how many of God's "Dream Team" are in the area doing so much for so many. I know how the recipients of their good deeds feel...I still have this overwhelming feeling of being blessed when I am in my beautiful kitchen or using my new bathroom that makes it possible for me to get in and out of the shower with no old, beat up bathtub to step over!, just a beautiful clean shower stall, as big as Yankee stadium, to walk into. It warms my heart to see so many others receive the same blessings you brought to us. To know that you and your teams are helping so many others as you helped us, brings me a lot of joy. It is amazing what God can do! God bless you all and we miss seeing you, but think of you all often. Mostly when I bake in my new oven, open the new fridge door, walk on my beautiful tile floor, and take a pain free shower! Love and Gratitude, Linda, Paul, Randy and Pinky