Sunday, November 29, 2009

Saturday of "finishing"

The day ended just as it started -- filled with laughter! You can see by the car photo that she thought for sure she could make it through that water -- it wasn't that deep?! A little muscle in front, pushing backward and she was out. No damage, just a bit of mud and alot of laughing!
The had more volunteers with them Saturday morning, more ready to serve in whatever was needed. We had them all over the place.
Monty took 4 with him to continue hauling the trash. This time they headed to Martha and Steven's and made 2 loads. They were huge loads and even these young and strong guys were worn out by the end of the day. Getting it into the trailer is one thing, getting it out of that trailer and into the dumpster is tough! They managed to get about two thirds of Martha's hauled away and made a major impact!
The rest of the team made a convoy and followed me to our first stop -- finishing the gutting of Rosalind's house. They not only gutted but they cleaned up all around the house making the siding accessible for rebuilding. They also cut off the back side that had been torn off from the storm. They also were quite "pooped" by the end of the day and deservingly so.
From there we took 2 more teams and headed to Hitchcock to paint the exterior of 2 homes. The homes were only 3 blocks apart so they split themselves into teams and got started. By the end of the day they were all primed and painted and we stamped them "done." They told us before they got here that they could paint and they weren't kidding!
They were so excited about all they were doing and were also quite surprised as they all live in Houston and from what they thought "it was all okay here." They don't think that anymore!
Their plan is to return to their church and try and raise some awareness and come back with more teams. We pray they are successful! They talked of all the skill in their church and it would be awesome to have some of that skill come and serve and rebuild some lives!
This morning Monty and I returned our borrowed trailer back to the island so the rest of the UMCOR teams would have use of it. The waves were crashing in anticipation of the front coming in later today. The surfers were giving it their best shot but none looked too successful!
We thank our all Spanish team for coming and serving and blessing on a holiday weekend that they could have been spending with their families! They were only here for 2 days but they touched 4 cities and countless lives! Blessings will flow right back to them -- God promises and He always follows through with His Word!
Until next time . . . be blessed and bless another! Susan and Monty

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