Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Working in 64 degrees is N-I-C-E!

See for yourself -- they are everywhere, they are doing everything!
Hsilda's team is nearly finished with all her painting, both wall and trim. They are installing ceiling trim and preparing for the delivery of her kitchen tomorrow when they will be painting cabinets and constructing counter tops and a bar area for her. They also worked on the railing for her outside steps.
Janey continues to keep a close eye on Logan who has improved ever so slightly but is still heavily sedated. Her team has nearly all of the second half of their home gutted and will be ready to spray for sanitation tomorrow and maybe start with installing insulation. They were working diligently pulling nails and staples that stick out from the walls and flooring.
Martha and Steven got most of their kitchen installed today, complete with their new pantry. The electrician continues his quest to finish their electrical and seems to be doing quite well. If only I would have gotten him the correct circuit breaker . . . :)
Robert's flooring is nearly done and his counter top is done! It looks beautiful and while I was talking with his wife, Olga this morning she completely fell apart in my arms -- those tears of joy again. She couldn't believe all that has been done for them and as we talked about building the stairs on the back of their home and possibly painting the exterior she was overcome with emotion and couldn't hold back. Her tears became contagious and we were both in need of a tissue! I love this work!!
Allan's team finished their day and a half with flying colors. They accomplished a weeks worth of work in that short amount of time. They also were an added blessing to Art -- he needed help in getting his new kitchen cabinets and counter tops unloaded and into his house. Not a small task when your house is about 14 feet off the ground! The team had it all done in about 10minutes and were then headed home! Thanks for some great work team! We look forward to seeing you again - soon!
Rosalind's team started with the gutting and were doing the best they could to keep her doors and door framing and trim in tact. They are solid wood doors and in pretty good shape, something we would pay a small fortune for today. With some cleaning and new paint they can look awesome. The team was awaiting the much anticipated arrival of the dumpster as I drove off. The pile they had been creating was ready to be relocated inside the dumpster.
And my daily trip to Lowes brought back even more requested materials for various jobs. They are getting good at creating a list and then letting me know what they need when I stop by. Going into Lowes with that list and getting things checked out job by job can be quite the juggling act! Today I just called everything in ahead of time and it was at the door waiting for me! What great guys!
This weather has been just what we've been waiting for -- waiting for the last 7 months for!!!! I am still shocked that we have windows open in the day and are forced to close them at night!! If we could just keep these days for . . . oh well, even the Bible says there is a time for every season!
We do have a note of sad news this evening. Some of you might remember a homeowner we helped back in February and March, Barney. Today we learned he passed away of a heart attack last week. I will always remember him playing the guitar for my Mother when she and my sister in law visited us. He would have played that guitar for my Mother forever if we would have let him! We know he's got a special place in God's orchestra now and forever. We'll miss you Barney and were blessed to know you and love you!
Until next time . . . bless someone else and feel the joy! Susan and Monty

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