Friday, November 20, 2009

Finish with a bang -- and a flood!

They arrived on Monday morning for orientation -- in a downpouring of rain.
They arrived today for our closing -- in another downpouring of rain!
It made no difference to them -- they didn't care -- they just poured it on for their last day! It has been a great week and as usual, we are sad to see them go. They took the opportunity to thank us and we wanted to really "hit home" with the fact that we could be here for . . . BUT without volunteers like them - and all the others who have come - all would be useless!
The gutting of Rosalind's home is all done except one room. Amazing work on a really tough job.
Hsilda and family are nearly all painted inside, have a railing at their deck steps, have kitchen cabinets painted and door hardware installed. The team even put together a punch list of what still needs done for me! Wow!
Robert has 99.9% of all his flooring in. The last bit will come after we install 2 new exterior doors. The team even went ahead and cut the tile pieces we will need - and marked them! They also marked all the electrical outlets so we know which ones need further attention by an electrician! Talk about going the extra mile for the homeowner!
Martha and Steven are still spellbound! They not only have a kitchen with a working sink, they have a pantry and flooring in all but the laundry area. The incoming team for tomorrow will take care of that room. As I brought materials in for tomorrow both of them were still in amazement at how beautiful everything is. Martha told me she didn't think it had ever looked so nice! She was busy cleaning and cleaning and also really enjoying all the food donations that the team blessed her with this morning. They had boxes and boxes of things for them and Martha was so excited she started eating before even putting things away! Oh the things we all take for granted!!!!!!!!!!!!
Janey was also smiling - through tears - at the progress on their home. The tears are due to the fact that even though Logan has shown some slight improvement the physicians want him to go into some health rehab for the next 25 days and Janey knows all he will want to do is come home! Please pray for both of them. The team installed all the insulation and has it cleaned and ready for the next team to hang sheetrock.
If you have kept up with this week you realize just how awesome it has been! Homes improving by leaps and bounds and lives being changed daily. Homeowners crying because they don't want the teams to leave and teams also shedding a tear at the same thought! Hearts of service reaching out - not sure what they will be doing or even if they will know how - yet it makes no difference. They learn and they do. Homeowners who have no idea who is coming, just strangers that they open their doors to welcome -- not only into their homes but into their lives. Add a few days and see the miracles of relationships and know why God says the world revolves around relationships! Funny how He is always "right on."
And we prepare for our Saturday team coming tomorrow morning!
Until next time . . . cherish relationships! Susan and Monty

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