Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Can't keep up

They pushed. they pulled, some were cramped into closets to get the work done, others were outside in the sunshine, others were staining walls and ceilings while others were patching walls and ceilings and some more were framing closets.
And still others were hanging doors, installing trim, painting and repainting, laying tile floors and then grouting that floor.
And more were cleaning debris, bringing down trees (carefully), putting insulation under a mobile home, installing a shower door and/or anything else you might think of.
Amazing, inspiring and blessing --- all wrapped up in a fantastic day called Tuesday.
Art is smiling and ready to use his new shower, Martha is still in shock at how nice her walls look, Hsilda loves the new color going in her home, Janey is seeing half of her home transform, Mariano is nearly complete, Robert is getting new counter tops and Billie is seeing her yard for the first time in who knows how long.
Each team is working together like a well oiled machine - a machine built by God Himself. Each homeowner is feeling the blessings that pour from each team member. The neighbors are watching and being blessed just by watching.
Monty and I do what we can to keep up with questions and supplying materials. We actually made it to all the homes today, some even twice! Wonders never cease!
And in the meantime we plan for an incoming team this weekend and for next weeks team. Not to mention needing to go and look at 2 new homes and add them to our list! We have an appointment with a 3rd tomorrow.
It's exciting, amazing and wonderful to see all the changes and all the progress. It's even more amazing and wonderul . . .
OOPPSS ---- CRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Had to take a quick break --- you know how you hear tires screeching and wait for the BOOM -- the boom hit just outside our trailer!
Yes, one man's evening just took a nasty turn -- he chose to drink and then drink a ton more and then get behind the wheel -- and met up with the telephone pole in a quite nasty crash!
It didn't take 5 seconds for the police to realize this is the same man that had the same accident just 3 nights ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This time he won't be getting behind another wheel!
Anyway . . . until next time . . . be blessed and be careful! Susan and Monty

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