Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A new kitchen

Janey and Logan's kitty had fun posing for this!

Wednesday is the day where teams are working away, feeling comfortable in what they are doing and knowing they have a couple more days to work. Today was just that, and more.

Rosalind's has a bedroom and bathroom gutted which exposed some pretty major termite damage along with the roofing falling in due to the trees landing on it. The team was ready to remove the bathtub as I left and we hoped the flooring underneath would hold up. There were a few places where there is no flooring at all and the team will board up those places to keep critters and such from entering. They completely filled the dumpster and were awaiting a change to an empty one.

Hsilda was also in waiting - waiting for her cabinets to be delivered. The team had the kitchen area all cleaned and ready to begin painting them and installing them. They were also working on the deck steps railing and finishing up painting doors. One man was laughing as he told me he had become the king of door painting and would be glad when they were done. The HVAC contractor will be coming on Friday to install their heating and air unit and hopes to be completed before Thanksgiving day.

Robert has 99% of his flooring installed and they were working on the trim. As soon as we get the word "go" we will also be installing his heating and air. I still need to get a new front entry and back entry door along with doing some patching of his exterior siding. He's getting so very close and it's awesome.

Logan and Janey are all gutted out and sprayed for disinfecting. The insulation will be installed tomorrow and Janey reports they are going to try and wean Logan off of life support tomorrow. She said she felt like he knew she was there last night, even if he couldn't communicate it. Please continue praying.

Steven and Martha got to see the beginnings of their new flooring today and the volunteers said they would have a working kitchen and finished cabinets by the end of the day! It all looks so beautiful and Martha is nearly speechless as she watches all the changes. She did pick out the color yellow for the exterior siding, if we can afford to paint it.

With the clear blue skies and temps around 70 everyone was thrilled to be able to work both inside and outside and enjoy the beauty of God's creation all around them. I love to pull up to each job and stay out of sight for a minute or two. It's always fun to hear the laughter that comes from each job. It never fails, laughing and working - all together!

Tomorrow I will be traveling up to Houston to work a special project for UMCOR. I will have a team of 8 volunteers who are coming to work for the day. We are installing ceiling tiles so it should be interesting. I'll try and get some good photos.

Our incoming teams are calling to check on what they might be doing and more are scheduling each week. That is what we need -- more and more volunteers! I've said it before and will continue to say it -- the volunteers are KEY!! If they stop coming the rebuilding of lives will stop!

If you have been thinking of coming south to get out of the cold, how about coming here and not only feeling the warmth outside but also feeling the warmth inside, the warmth of helping someone who thought they would never get help, someone who is reaching, who is holding on to their last bit of hope that they might be the next ones . . . come make a dream come true and have your lives changed forever!

Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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