Thursday, November 26, 2009

Extended Family Blessings

I should have taken my camera just to show you all the food!

Hopefully all of you are not only stuffed full of all the goodies of Thanksgiving but you are also remembering and thinking about all your blessings. It's the one day of the year set aside to do just that -- and if you're like me you realize that if you counted all your blessings it would take every day to list them all and you would still not have enough time!

Monty and I did spend our morning preparing for the incoming team tomorrow morning. Getting tools and such ready takes some time and organization but we are loaded and ready for tomorrows orientation and to meet some new servant hearts.

Then it was time for our Thanksgiving feast! Yes, Hank and Cherie had invited us to share in their family day -- what an honor for us! It felt like home when we walked in the door. It also brought back memories of the first day I walked in their door, saw how they were trying to live after the storm and prayed God would show us the way to help. And now . . . it's absolutely beautiful -- thanks to all of you who came to crawl underneath to clean out the muck and mire and critters, to those who climbed on ladders to paint, to those who put the finishing touches of the skirting around the trailer and to those who shared their love with Hank, Cherie and Blake and made a lasting impression in their hearts!

It was a wonderful afternoon of sharing, laughing and loving. That's one of the most amazing things for Monty and I -- to meet strangers who become family! Sitting around the table together, praying together, laughing together, remembering together . . . priceless blessings!

Our deepest thanks to Hank, Cherie and Blake for their loving hearts, their trusting hearts and their sharing of a true Thanksgiving with the both of us! We love you all and are blessed to be a part of your family!

To our families back home -- we miss you all -- especially on days like this! Please don't worry about us -- God extends your love to us through others right here!

Until next time . . . We thank You, Lord, for allowing us to serve You every day!
Susan and Monty

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