Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Planning ahead

With our team for this week not arriving until Friday we are spending these couple of days before the holiday preparing for their arrival.

This morning had us heading to Lowes bright and early to get some materials lined up for a couple of houses. Robert now has a new front and back door awaiting installation along with the hardware to secure the home properly.

Hsilda has the molding that will be installed on the ceiling where it meets the walls. She also has some subflooring that will be delivered on Friday. This is needed to secure the trailer side flooring and then we can put in the final flooring knowing that all is sturdy and level. We have yet to make a decision on the permanent flooring but have plenty of time.

Logan and Janey will have a delivery of sheetrock also delivered Friday in preparation for the completion of their home. Janey was looking at a long term recovery organization for Logan to be moved to when he has improved a bit more.

We also contacted our electrician buddy, Glen and he will be returning to fix a "wrinkle" that showed up at Mariano and Maria's. It was good to hear from him and we look forward to seeing him.

It was also a pleasure to reconnect with Richard and Peggy this afternoon. If you remember we spent quite a bit of time helping them rebuild their home last winter and spring. Richard is able to lead his own volunteers with all his construction experience. The outside of their home still needs some work along with their deck. They will be putting together the documentation we need to see about getting some funding to finish them up. Richard's health is not good but we know God is the ultimate healer and we turn Richard over to him. Please do the same with your prayers.

Our incoming team leader called this afternoon to say their number is around 20 with quite a few of them college students. We will have them lined up in quite a few jobs, one of which will be using the UMCOR trailer to haul away the tree and shrub debris from both Martha's and Walter's. We have a dumpster at Mel and Billie's and will be using it as our "staging" dumpster. It can be changed out easily and makes for a great project for this team along with a great blessing to the homeowner to have things finally cleared away from in front of their homes.

And then we came to the end of the day with not nearly all of my "to do" items cleared from my list. Oh well, there's always tomorrow! I add todays things to tomorrow and pray I can make it through them in time for . . . Tuesday? Gotta love those lists!

Let's see how tomorrow ends up! :)

Until then . . . love and blessings to all. Susan and Monty

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