Monday, November 16, 2009

Through Wind and Rain and Sun

Yes, once again I went through the entire day and didn't take a single photo -- guess just how busy I was! Still no excuse so I'll do better tomorrow.

This mornings orientation started at the same time the big cold front, complete with pouring sideways rain and high winds. Never fail - we just used the other side of the park shelter. A little bit of rain and wind wasn't enough to stop these 3 teams!

Our UMCOR team consists of 10. We have them divided between Steven and Martha, Robert and Logan and Janey. A side note, Logan has been transfered to a Houston hospital and isn't doing well, still in ICU.

Steven and Martha have an electrician working on some more work along with kitchen cabinets being installed and finished with polyurethane for a finishing touch. They also have the flooring in case they run out of work! :)

Robert's flooring is continuing to go down along with the base trim. They just might get that done this week?! Ever closer to being done! The back deck stair material will be delivered tomorrow -- to keep them busy!

Logan and Janey are getting the other half of their home gutted. Most of their household items are now relocated into the newly rebuilt side to make room to get the final gutting and rebuilding done.

We have 2 Presbytarian teams. One team consists of 10 folks who worked today and half of tomorrow. They are beginning the transformation of Allan's home. He called me late afternoon to say how shocked he was to see the progress they made and that he was heading off to get more materials for tomorrow!! Go team!

Our other Presb team are working at Hsilda's and Rosalind's. Hsilda is getting her interior doors painted, more walls painted and materials for the deck stairs also arrived today. They are looking forward to the arrival of the kitchen cabinets and counter tops tomorrow. Job security!

Rosalind was getting started with the process of going through all her household and personal items, trying to make the difficult decision of throwing it away or keeping it. This is so very difficult for homeowners as they didn't choose the storm or the loss of their things so getting rid of them is extremely hard to do. She is doing fine, the team is walking her - praying her - through the process. Each day will get better and the result will be an entirely gutted house and a clean slate to start the rebuilding with. This home is in Texas City and we have a totally different set of inspections and regulations to work by. The windstorm (insurance) inspector was very helpful and made an immediate trip to her house to talk with me and lay out some plans. We won't have a definite plan until we see what we have to work with.

And then I had my daily trip to Lowes to plan out 3 homes worth of materials for delivery. It took a couple of hours and then some but it's all done and lined out and now we hope to make sense of everything when it arrives! :)

Once again it's a week with 6 different homes being blessed, volunteers in every direction and amazing results coming from both. I love to see everyone come together, dropping their denominational "names" and just doing what God has called them to do -- help others! Their smiles and their tears combine to create true joy --not based on circumstances but based on the love of Jesus living inside them!

What an awesome God we serve!!!!

Until next time (with photos) . . . bless someone, feel the joy! Susan and Monty
PS We are supposed to have lows in the 40s tonight!!!!!!!!!!! Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!

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