Thursday, December 03, 2009

You're kidding?!

This photo was taken December of last year -- you are not imagining anything -- that IS snow!!

The forecast for tonight and tomorrow is also snow?

Are we sure we are in southern Texas?

The past couple of days have been oh so busy, even though we do not have a team of volunteers. Where does the time go?

Yesterday we had our weekly UMCOR meeting first thing in the morning. It was followed by another meeting and preparations for a Christmas lunch next week for all of us! It's so awesome to be a part of a team that is also family!

It was then off to Lowes with 5 orders to place and keep straight and line up for deliveries! It takes alot of notes and a sense of humor to get it all done and then alot of prayer that it will all land on the ground the correct way.

The Methodist church in a nearby city is remodeling some of their classrooms to better house our volunteers so we are donating some paint and a water heater to help them out. The next incoming team (next week) will be housed there so they will be doing some painting after they get back each evening! They are being so awesome about accomodating the teams that it's the least we can do to give back.

Today we made another return trip to get items lined out for delivery to Ralph and Laura's. They are continuing to do their own work and we are doing our best to keep them supplied with the needed materials. Hsilda and George are doing the same thing. We picked up another kitchen cabinet for them and a piece of guttering to install above the steps to their deck to keep them from getting soaking wet when it rains.

We also had our second meeting with our "Tony" team. They are doing a couple of roofing bids for us, Rosalind and Mel and Billie's. We contract out roofing as it's too difficult for volunteer teams and we have to follow very strict guidelines for inspection. We met the "Tonys" at Walters. They were working there and we were impressed with their work. We will await their bids to see if they are in the ballpark.

The materials are also ordered and scheduled for delivery to Jose' and Blanca's house for their deck and handicapped ramp to be constructed with next weeks team. This ramp is about 45 feet in length and the team will be seeing what they can salvage from the dilapidated one already there and what they will need to tear out and start anew. It will be quite the challenge but will be an amazing blessing as they are both disabled, she is blind and they are unable to get in and out of their own home right now!

Speaking of dilapidated . . . we've run into a couple of major problems of our own. I don't usually go into things like this that are happening with us personally but someone told me I should. So I will follow that advice and let you all know . . . not only is our camper trailer leaking in numerous places we also have damage to the entire roofing that needs work that we are unable to do ourselves. In order to fix the problem we would need to literally "peel" the roof completely off, removing the guttering and overhead vents but then replace the roof itself and then reattach it all -- impossible for us and impossible for us to pay to have done. What will we do? We are praying for a miracle and believing God has one up His sleeve.

Hopefully He has more than one miracle for us as Monty's 1995 Ford diesel has major problems under the hood. He had planned on trying to take it all apart and do the work himself but doing so while living in a campground and not having proper tools makes this also impossible. We were able to find a recommended mechanic shop nearby and brought it into him today. The cost of the parts alone was outrageous when we priced them to do the work ourselves so who knows what the mechanic will charge. But . . . we cannot be without this truck doing what we do so we pray . . . and ask you to do the same.

Like I said, I do not like sharing these "woes" but they are part of our life and I guess they should be made known.

Until next time . . . blessings to all. Susan and Monty

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