Monday, August 03, 2009

Family Day

Today was the day they had been waiting for, the day they had been asking about for over a week -- "when can we start painting?" I had promised today -- and even though we could only get to one room - that one room transformed and we all had a blast!

Maria had the color she wanted for one wall - and it will need atleast one more coat if not two more. It is beautiful and looks amazing with the other walls, the color of vanilla ice cream. Yami learned what "cut in" was and she did fantastic. They all had a hand in it, either with a roller or brush -- but little Maria's time was limited to a few seconds as she took the new color directly to the trim -- the one place we asked her NOT to paint! That's what we get with a 4 year old!

Little Mariano helped Monty and Glen with the electric -- he fit perfectly underneath the house pulling wire. He was thrilled that he was an important part of helping -- and what little boy doesn't love crawling around in dirt!

All in all we had a great day. There wasn't a dry stitch on any of us, sweat ran from our faces, our shirts were soaked and yet we laughed and laughed as the language switched back and forth from Spanish to English and back to Spanish -- all trying to understand each other. The words didn't matter, it was heart felt fun and I know God had no trouble understanding any of it!

It's Mondays like this that are the perfect description of "relationships" and what God had in mind for all of us.

Not to mention Maria posing for all of us in her "Princess" gown!!! Priceless!

Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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