Friday, July 31, 2009

Thanks North Carolina AND Colorado

These past couple of days have been whirlwinds! Yesterday we said goodbye to our Colorado team as they took Hank, Cherie and Blake for a day at the waterpark. It was a day to keep them from working, to keep them from even thinking about working. A day to play, a day to laugh and a day to deepen relationships and say goodbye at the same time.

Cherie called me today to say how awesome the day was. It worked! They didn't even think about working, rebuilding or the hurricane. Thanks team -- thanks for going the extra mile - for everything you all did in a few short days! God WILL return the blessings and we hope you return to work with us again.

This evening we bid farewell to our North Carolina team. We missed doing so with Jim as he headed home a bit early. Jim -- we thank you for everything but most of all for touching the heart of a small 4 year old little girl!

This team worked up to the last minute and what they accomplished over this past week is phenominal. The house is completely sided and trimmed and caulked and is ready for primer and paint. The inside walls are all sheetrocked and also ready for priming and painting. The newest bedroom is framed, insulated, a new window added and sheetrocked. The kitchen sink is in and ready to go, the bath vanity and toilet are also in and ready for use. Al, our AC guy returned today and will be there again tomorrow and most likely be all done. We still have a few electrical things going on and hopefully will have the service reconnected next week and all systems will be "go" from there.

Maria was up and out very early this morning cleaning up the yard, back and front. This afternoon all the children were brought a special surprise by the team -- brand new backpacks filled with school supplies! It was amazing to watch the smiles come over their faces as they saw their backpack, in their favorite color - and then to see all the goodies inside. Little Maria spent the rest of the afternoon blowing bubbles (an added gift in the bags).

We were blessed to join the team for a homecooked dinner this evening and Wayne shared a devotion with all of us -- the heart of God! This team touched the heart of Maria and her children and in that - touched the heart of God and put a smile on His face. That I know for sure! We are so thankful and are so sad to see yet more new family members leave us!

Monty and I would also like to express our deepest thanks to all of you who have commented on this blog, commented on NBC Brian Williams' blog, emailed, called and texted your supportive words and immense amounts of love! You have ALL touched our hearts and we don't have enough appropriate words to say thank you! We are humbled by your love and support and will repeat what we have said before -- it may have been our faces out there but . . . YOU are the forces behind us and without YOU there would be no "us".

We love you, we thank you and we are honored to serve on your behalf!

Until next time . . . be blessed. We sure are! Susan and Monty

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