Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Changes continue

Storm clouds looming over the coast, and we caught one of the brighest rainbows I think we've ever seen as a result.

Yes, I made it to the airport this evening only to find the flights were all delayed enough that I would have been stranded through the night in Atlanta so now I will be getting up at 3 AM to make the first flight out tomorrow.

My mother reports nothing new with my grandma, still mainly incoherant and gravely ill.

I will just be glad to get there and see her and hopefully offer some much needed support to my mother!

Monty is such an amazing husband as he will be staying here, missing seeing his own family but it's his choice and I love the man so much for putting my family's needs first!

I thank you for all your prayers and ask that they continue. I will do the best I can to keep you up to date.

Meanwhile, the electric company will be coming to Mariano's tomorrow to hook up the power and then . . . here we come getting the final AC and electric issues wrapped up!!!

Hank and Cherie also got more materials this morning so they can keep working.

Art is nearing the end of his hospital stay and is doing great.

All our homeowners are doing well and are very supportive of us at times like this. I think it's a family thing and we are blessed with amazing "extended" family here -- and all over the States.

Until next time. . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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