Friday, August 07, 2009

Headed to the Island

I guess everything is bigger in Texas -- what a beautiful sunflower!!!!
This morning started very early. We got a call from Alan asking us to head to the island (Galveston) to start preparations for the incoming Houston team of over 250 willing volunteers tomorrow. I thought they were only coming this Saturday and next Saturday -- that's what I get for thinking!
What a blessing -- they will be coming and going all week long next week! We are so excited! Monty and I will be overseeing 2 homes that are in the rebuilding process. A tour of both proved to be very helpful and meeting Ms Marg was awesome. She is a bit elderly but knows just how that house needs to be rebuilt! She told me she was looking forward to our return tomorrow morning and wanted to make sure we could work along side a few of her neighbors who were laying laminate flooring for her today and plan on returning tomorrow -- even if they were Catholic! :) We reassured her that we ALL work together and looked forward to the extra hands and hearts! I think I saw God smiling!
At both homes we welcomed the McCoy's truck and helped get materials unloaded. Sheetrock, flooring, subflooring, trim, cabinets, on and on . . . all in preparation for the teams. We will be hooking up the tool trailer and heading south -- for the next 7 days of work.
Each day we will have different volunteers as they will be coming and going. What an opportunity to meet new friends and thank them for being the hands and feet of Jesus!
It will require us to put our San Leon homes on hold -- but all homeowners are going forward on their own and we will just make sure they have the materials to continue doing so. Cherie already called me and has her list ready -- no surprise to me. She's always on top of things and such an enormous help to me!
Be sure and stay tuned for photos as there will be many "Kodak moments".
Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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