Thursday, August 06, 2009

It will be paid!!!!

"Batteries included" and we are back up and running.

As you can see, Hai's house is turning blue -- literally! The dark blue "trim" is actually the tape to tape off the white metal trim. It's beautiful and she is very happy with the color.

The other photo -- click on it to enlarge it -- and look VERY closely! I guess that's what you might call a Texas size oar??!! It's a trackhoe on a barge -- using the front scoop to pull itself along -- a quite a pace too! We couldn't believe what we were seeing! Necessity is the mother of invention -- and that's quite an invention!

This afternoon we also were thrilled to see Mercy getting siding on her house. The next step will be fixing her bathtub and a few touches inside. She's waited a long time and her time has finally come!

This morning I was able to take my financial request to the weekly meeting -- the reconnect fee for Mariano's electric. The board agreed to the request and we will be able to get it paid! Praise the Lord! Maria was so excited when I told her! This means we will be able to get the final touches done to the electric and air conditioning. Blessings to that board who understood the situation!

Most of our afternoon was spent organizing tools. It's not possible to get it done with teams coming in and out back to back so today was the perfect time to get things back in order in preparation for incoming teams. When I say "perfect" it (of course) doesn't take into account the temps! There should be a new name for "dripping" tshirts!

This evening I talked with Cherie and she and Hank are ever closer. They continue working on their home all on their own, Hank is working in both the laundry and bathroom and the same time. She will be putting together a list of the last of the materials they need so we can provide them and they can continue getting things done. What an amazing couple they are and we are so pleased to call them family!

I also talked with our always loved team from Iowa today. They are scheduled to return in October and are thrilled to be coming back. I know they will also be thrilled to see the progress on Terri's house as they were the first team to do any work there! They won't believe it when they see it! They are also part of our extended family and we hope they ALL come back this time!

We have our tools loaded and Monty and I both plan on doing some "hands on" work tomorrow in Mariano's house. We both love doing so but never have the opportunity. We have set aside tomorrow and pray it will come to pass. Join us in that prayer! :)

Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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