Sunday, August 09, 2009

Be The One

Seeing this on the back of one of the "1,000 Boots" team brought a flood of memories and thoughts.

One of the top questions I have been asked is "how did you know this is what God called you to do?"

Answer -- I knew all my life! As a child growing up, entering high school and thinking of the ever present question "what are you going to do when you graduate?" I knew! Somehow, someway -- I was going to help others. The only organization I knew of then was the Peace Corps. I sent for the information packet, read every word and thought about joining up. But, this was more than a few decades ago and that wasn't something a girl did just out of high school. (Times were different then)

Time kept moving, life happend but that "feeling" deep inside was always there.

Each time my church would talk of an upcoming mission trip (which was always overseas) my heart ached to go, to be a part, to help with whatever. And each time it wasn't the "right" time.

When "911" happened, as Monty called me at work to tell me the second plane had hit -- all I wanted to do was "go there." Again it wasn't possible so I sat literally glued to the TV. My heart physically hurt.

Then came hurricane Katrina -- and my heart hurt beyond description --no words can describe it. I can't explain it -- but I HAD to go this time - no matter what!

The rest is history -- we are still "out there" after over 4 years and plan on being out here as long as God needs us.

As for the shirt photo -- a long time ago I ran an employment agency. One of our best employees had a trouble staying out of jail. One day as I was on the phone listening to him beg me to bail him out of jail (and telling him I couldn't as he needed to learn lessons from his choices) my boss came to me and said, "Susan, don't you know you can't change the world?"

That statement went through me like a knife -- clear to my soul!

All of us feel as though we can't "change the world" - it's too large a task -- impossible!

Re-read the phrase on the shirt -- YES we can -- we can BE the change -- ONE person (or family) at a time!

I thank God for His faithfulness, for keeping His promise and for this calling!

Go out and BE the change -- for just ONE!!!! You WILL change the world -- and yourself in the process!

Until next time . . . be blessed by being the change! Susan and Monty

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