Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The "Boots" keep coming

Monty and his team of "Boots" mastered the challenge of installing kitchen cabinets without a design -- and -- installing laminate flooring! It was quite the team. The kitchen is beautiful and the flooring is nearly complete in both bedrooms.
My team continued working on trim and more trim and sheetrock and then more trim. Our hope is to have everything completely done and shined up, leaving only the tile flooring and bath showers to be done -- by the end of the week. Hey -- one can always hope! :) And I think they'll get there since many of them who planned on coming for one day only have decided to return for their third day tomorrow.
There are many more "Boots" out there, it's just that I can't get photos of all of them. I am not familiar with this church but know one thing -- there are alot of servant hearts there as we have seen soooo many with soooo many more coming before the last day of Saturday! What a blessing each and every one is!
A video crew from the church also came in today. They are putting together a video for the church and plan on sending us a copy also. They were alot of fun and really got the stories behind what their team is doing! Even though they are only driving an hour to get here they were surprised by all the work still needing done! THAT is the word that needs to get out -- and they plan on doing just that.
Until next time . . . Thanks to all the "Boots"!!! Be blessed. Susan and Monty

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