Saturday, August 15, 2009

1,354 "Boots" comes to an end

The Last Day! They hoped for 1,000 -- the final count was 1,354 -- outstanding!!!!!
You can see by the photos that today even the kids showed up -- and they started painting the outside of my homeowners home! By the end of the day we had the last of the trim installed, all of it painted and caulked and she was moving into her new bedroom! She may not have a stove to cook on but she has a bedroom, bathroom, air conditioning and is ready to spend her first night in her new home. She doesn't care that the tile still needs installed -- she's ready!! It was awesome for this team to be a part of that move. As I left her daughter in law and I were both fighting back the tears! Tears of sheer joy! God's joy that comes from the heart!
Monty's crew finished their flooring and even made amazing progress with the installation of the shower in the bathroom. Her kitchen is complete, just awaiting appliances and she also will be ready to move in.
At the end of the day the 1,000 Boots leader had a small service in the church -- it was a great way to end the week. There were so very many lives changed this week -- not even counting the homeowners. It seemed that everywhere we looked we could see God's hand reaching in and tugging at someones heart, changing their lives. That kind of change is a forever change!
There aren't enough "thanks" to be sufficient for all the blessings this 1,354 poured out this week -- but I am certain they each have a special "gold star" awaiting them in heaven!
Until next time . . . bless someone today! Susan and Monty

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Mrs. Davis said...

Great work as always Susan and Monty. Those youth (Irecognized even their backsides!!!) in Saturday's picture are from Sunset UMC in may recall 8 of us from Sunset were there in July emptying out Rick and Nelda's house and garage. We are considering a return trip to work.....and wait for posting that more work can be done for Rick and Nelda. We continue to lift you up and work you are doing for others. God is good...........