Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Loosing Focus?

Mission focused -- production focused? What happens when they get turned around?

Working in an area after a disaster is unlike anything anyone has done before. No matter how many jobs we have had, no matter what our experiences have been; social worker, commercial construction or residential construction . . . this is an entirely new "animal."

I received a phone call today where the focus has taken a wrong turn. It's not the kind of phone call one likes to get. The homeowner is upset, crying, hurt and not knowing where to turn. They thought things were going one way and then they turn another direction. It's a tough call to get.

When we come into disaster situations we must enter with "kit gloves." Lives are exposed, vulnerable and injured. Ministry is the number one focus! For those who think production is the focus -- they might as well turn around and head back home. It won't work.

My prayer is that this situation will right itself, that it will turn around, that homeowners will see Jesus when they see those who come to help. They will feel His heart and His love. They will know He is taking care of them in His time.

Please join me in this prayer.

On another note, tomorrow is my Grandma's funeral and I am honored to be conducting the service. As I sat yesterday and tried to get my random thoughts in some sort of order I called Monty. I felt stuck, I felt scrambled and I was afraid I would not honor her as she should be honored for her 96 years with us. And as always, he balanced me. He completed me. This isn't easy for us to be apart, we are made to be together . . . I thank him for that help and I love him for helping me put the words together. Now I just pray God will speak through me, that I will get out of the way and He will come through. Please join me in that prayer.

Until next time . . . love on your families and be blessed because of them. Susan and Monty

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