Thursday, August 13, 2009

The "Boots" are amazing!

Some of my folks were "only going to be here Monday" and here we are Thursday and guess what -- they are still here!! More and more new faces along with the one who are now family are what it takes to accomplish all that is being done this week. We are so thankful to the 2 churches who combined their efforts and are making such a difference in so many places!

I heard a rumor today that maybe they will be scheduling to come once a month?? Wouldn't that we awesome!

Monty and his team have all the cabinets installed, counter tops on, sink mounted and are wrapping up the laminate flooring. Like worker ants, all over the place doing all sorts of things. Our electrician buddy, Glen, even got in on it today. He came to finish up some electrical issues, he said, but I think he came for the fellowship!

My team has nearly all the caulking done -- I have a caulking wizard in this group and she is amazing! They are touching up all the trim paint, painting new doors, installing the front door (what a bear of a job that is), working outside with trim . . . the list goes on and on.

A surprise came to Hank and Cherie today also! Thanks to the Today Show and all the donations that came with it! I needed a washer and dryer for them and when Erin heard about it she was happy to give them one that came with the show. When I pulled up at Hank and Cherie's and we opened the box we were all shocked -- a top of the line set that is beautiful! They were thrilled and we were all almost in tears as we looked at all the settings! Thanks Erin and the Today Show! You are making miracles happen!

Until next time . . . be blessed and share the blessing! Susan and Monty

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