Wednesday, August 05, 2009


One of those "gotcha" pictures -- we had some new ones taken for our missionary license renewals and thanks to Marie's daughter, Amy, she was able to get some good ones. Considering the subjects - she's a miracle worker! :)
The past couple of days have had us all over the place. Yesterday we were still getting electrical materials for Mariano's. Down here it's very common to have your water heater outside in a small enclosure or in Mariano's case, on the back deck area. We have to have special disconnects for that and finding them wasn't the easiest thing to do. After a couple different trips to a couple of different places, we did find them and it will now be ready when Glen returns.
We also were quite surprised to see how Maria had painted her bedroom -- beautiful. And she thought she didn't know anything about painting. I would love to show you the pictures but the batteries in my camera died and I didn't have any backups!! Sorry.
Today we were back on the road again with our weekly UMCOR meeting at 7am. All my receipts were turned in and plans for this coming Saturday are coming together. There is a very large team coming from the Houston area so we will ALL be working on the island for the day. Monty and I will be overseeing 2 different homes. Should be an awesome day.
From there we were back to Lowes and the electrical supply for more materials. I really do think we will get done, someday!
We stopped by Hai's house and were thrilled to see it turning blue --sky blue. Gregg, from South Dakota has been here the past couple of weeks and with his help she should be done, maybe by the end of the week? The color is beautiful and she is thrilled.
A stop at our storage warehouse also was in the plans. We needed to pick up a tent for Saturday's event.
There was some disturbing news today also -- one of the tool trailers on the island had the door lock crowbarred open and quite alot of tools stolen. These kind of things are really devastating as keeping tools is not the easiest thing to do under normal circumstances. Having them stolen just causes dollars to be spent unnecessarily.
I also spoke with my Mother today. Once again the floods have hit their hometown of Columbus, Indiana. We spent last summer there helping with the 3000 homes that flooded then. This time the residential areas are fine -- but my Dad and brother's crops are under water, some of the corn even has the ears on the stalks under water! This can be devastating and possibly cause alot of their crops to be a total loss! Please keep them in your prayers. It always seems like the news media forget all about the farmers in situations like these.
Tomorrow will have me headed to request dollars for the reconnect fee for Mariano's electric to be turned back on. I have almost exhausted all areas of funding and am praying for a miracle tomorrow morning -- please join me in that prayer.
Until next time . . . we keep on keepin' on . . . even with heat index levels hovering around 109!!!
Be blessed. Susan and Monty

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