Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday "Boots"

Returning faces, new faces and yet they still keep going. You can see a great group photo of those working with me today. This was toward the end of the day and they are still smiling from ear to ear. We even managed to convince the homeowner to join in. She was busy checking out the newly painted front door sitting outside drying -- it turned out just as she had hoped!
With all the trimming, caulking, priming and painting going on it made for quite the busy day. By the end of tomorrow it should be nearly all wrapped up. Sounds like we might even have a team painting the outside of her home!
Monty's team were about to wrap up the laminate flooring in his home. They have all spent more time on their knees than those knees would like, I'm sure. It's tough work, especially going around corners but they rose to the challenge (with some help from Alan) and were smiling at themselves after successfully rounding some of those "special" corners.
We've had so much fun working with all the "Boots" this week and I find it hard to believe that tomorrow is the last day! Pray for all of them, pray that they were blessed even more than the homeowners they blessed!
At the end of the day I took the washer (to match yesterdays dryer) to Hank and Cherie. The package now complete and what an amazing gift from the Today Show and their donations! Once again we all nearly had tears as we looked at all the cycles and prepared to read the instruction manual to know how to use all the cycles! Another one of those moments that God shows me just why He called us to this ministry and where I find myself thanking Him for allowing us to live the dream!!!
Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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