Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Transforming lives

Our team of women from Oklahoma with 2 of Mariano and Maria's daughters. It's been quite the family affair in finishing these cabinets. When I walked in this afternoon one of the girls was standing on the counter top with nearly all of herself inside the cabinet trying to reach the very back with the stain and poly finishes! They are all enjoying watching the kitchen come to life.

Maria said even Mariano is getting excited! A guy getting excited about a kitchen is truly God!

Maria even put some thought into the color she would like on the walls - red - it's her favorite color. So guess what -- red it will be! There is a bit of sanding to be done on the sheetrock finishing, priming and texture and it will be ready for paint. We plan on having the door and window trim a bright white, along with the ceiling so the whole room should be fit for a magazine!

We also made the arrangements for the materials to be delivered to Hank and Cherie's tomorrow afternoon. They are preparing for the team for Saturday and know it will be an awesome day.

Our day began with our usual weekly meeting with the UMCOR team. We were going over our schedule of teams and praying the teams start calling to get on board. This heat doesn't make this the most popular place but hopefully as the summer nears fall more will call and come to be a blessing and end up being the ones blessed.

We were thrilled to hear from our Iowa team -- they are planning a return trip for October! Monty and I have come to realize we just simply cannot have a disaster without our Iowa team coming to the rescue!

As we stopped by Hai's this evening it was nice to see the front of her house sided and the inside nearly complete. Her air conditioning is done, thanks to one of her very good friends! Couldn't believe we could actually go inside the house and feel cool! She is sooooo anxious and I pray she will be able to move in soon. She so desperately needs the stability of home again and so do all 5 children!

Tomorrow morning we are to get officially started on the electric for Mariano and Maria's house. Monty will be working right along side as will Mariano. Our hope is for it all to be completed within a couple of days so we can continue on and hopefully also have this home declared a home again in the upcoming weeks.

We did hear from Art's girlfriend that he is doing well in the hospital and getting a couple of his health issues taken care of. We are keeping him in our prayers and will be ready to resume work on his home once he returns home. We are meeting with his AC man tomorrow to see about having him do further work for us in some other homes.

It was one of those days of running here and there and seeing progress at every turn. I like those days, those are the ones that keep us running in a forward motion. God smiling each time we take time to notice!!!!

Until next time . . . look around and see His smile for you! Susan and Monty

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