Saturday, July 18, 2009

Super Progress

What a busy past couple of days! Yesterday we were pleased to finally welcome an electrician to Mariano and Maria's house. Glen, who we have "borrowed" from the Baptist relief effort, spent the entire day working either in the attic or under the house pulling all new wiring for the house. He was a welcome site when he arrived and we are so thankful to Pastor Billy for sending us his very best!

The rest of our day was spent arranging materials for today. It took about 3 hours just to get the electrical materials lined up for Glen to return on Monday. We shopped at the end of the day and after a few trips we had it all done.

Today we welcomed Pasadena, Texas to San Leon. All 14 of them came to do whatever needed done and as you can see by the photos some of it was less than pleasant! Part of them went to Hank and Cherie's to begin the process of insulating underneath their trailer. They didn't mind the dirt and laughed at the thought that atleast they were in the shade. And to my surprise, some of them even asked if they could come back another Saturday!!!!

The rest of them were at Mariano's working on the outside trim. It proved to also be quite the challenge and they had to pull out some extra creative thinking but they rose to the occasion and mastered the task. If only we could keep them! They got enough done that the next incoming team will know exactly what to do. The women got the kitchen cabinets their final sanding and I will go in Monday and put on the final gloss coat of poly.

It was an amazing day watching the team get creative and get underneath, on top, on the side and anywhere else needed. We know each one will have a new found love for their showers when they get home and we hope to welcome them all back soon!
Almost forgot to explain the top photo -- it still amazes me to watch the storms on the gulf coast! This is a funnel cloud with the funnel shooting from the side -- just over the park where we live in our camper!!!! The winds blew around 50 mph blowing up dust and dirt and this cloud -- and then it was over --- and now they are blowing up again so . . .
Being on the computer is not a good idea.
Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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Anonymous said...

I have been blessed to work on two FUMC Huntsville crews for Susan and Monty's San Leon efforts so far, and look forward to coming back. It is great to see that one of the Texas Baptist Men is assisting you with electric work. I'm always very proud of our Methodist efforts, but I'd also like to commend the Baptists too. I had the privilege of working with two other Methodists and a Presbyterian at a TBM feeding unit in League City, and they absolutely get the work done! But not to praise just the Baptists and Methodists... the Episcopalians welcomed a couple of us Methodists with open arms in Galveston, there are Mennonite "go to" teams associated with the Methodists' efforts in Galveston and Port Arthur, Presbyterian Disaster Assistance is working with UMCOR, etc. How awesome: God's children actually acting like God's children. Hallelu-Yah!

Rick Carpenter
Wesley Memorial UMC
Huntsville TX