Friday, July 03, 2009

Material Day

I realize this photo is a bit fuzzy, not too clear. It was taken through the closed window and screen. Meet Rick and Nelda's house here in San Leon. Not one thing has been done since the storm -- nothing! Why? you ask.
Listen to their story.
They had over 5' of water inside their home. They live just down the street from Pastor Bob and you know how their church was nearly destroyed -- same thing here. The outside actually looks pretty good, considering.
After the storm they did receive some FEMA funds to help out. They lost vehicles so they purchased a used car to get back and forth. They also managed to get an old RV to park on their driveway so they could be close to home and get repairs started. At the same time Nelda started feeling bad, really bad. They made a routine visit to her doctor only to discover she has lung cancer, late stages. Within a very short time it had moved to her brain and she has already had surgery to remove the portions in her brain. She is also undergoing fierce radiation and chemotherapy. They were forced to relocate to the southern part of Houston where the cancer center is. FEMA even agreed to put a trailer there for them instead of on their property. Rick was scheduled to have major back surgery and now that has been put on hold indefinitely.
Understand why nothing has been done?
How did we find them, you ask? They found us. God directed them, as always.
Rick went into Lowes to ask the gentlemen to design some sort of apartment that might possibly be built over their existing garage as they felt their home was beyond repairs. Rick proceeded to tell Michael his story and all Michael could do was ask Rick to call me. And he did. We went to look but everything was locked up. Today Rick left us a key. Next week we'll go inside and next Friday our one day team will be going in to mud and gut out the house. From there where will we go? One step at a time. We pray to follow God's plan and do what we can to bring Him the glory through our helping Rick and Nelda. They could surely use all the prayers they can get!
Our day today was spent getting materials and work lined up in all sorts of directions for homeowners. Art can now schedule his air conditioning work to be done. We also took him some inside ceiling fans and a couple of outside light fixtures that were donated. He leaves this next weekend for a stay in the hospital himself and could also use some prayers.
Garaldeen and Joe can also schedule their electrician and plumber for their mobile home that replaces their home. Once that is done the skirting will be done and they will be ready to finally move home.
Hank and Cherie got their kitchen cabinet order straightened out and will be working on getting more materials in over this next week to prepare for their next team of help.
I placed the order for Butch and Teresa's carpeting and pad. It will take a few days but should also arrive just in time for a couple of extra hands to help Butch do the installation.
Mariano continues working away with his house. We have enough materials on site for the next team to get to work. It sounds like Mariano might have found a job -- but it would require him to go to Louisiana and be away for a month at at time. Once again, prayers!!
Tomorrow Monty and I will be heading to Mississippi for a couple of days. A Methodist church near Biloxi has donated a used pickup truck to the disaster recovery here and Eddie asked us if we would like to go and pick it up. We are very excited as we will be able to see some old friends and will spend Sunday morning in one of our favorite churches with Pastor David. It will be a very short trip but good to see some "family". We would appreciate prayers for protection while we travel.
Once again, a day spent here and there, this family and that. All waiting patiently for their prayers to be answered and all realizing that God is answering them -- in His perfect time!
We pray all of you thank God for those men and women who have fought for and given their lives for our freedom, our freedom to worship, our freedom of speech and all the freedoms we are privilaged to have here in the USA. I received an email today asking all of us to mark each Friday as "Red Friday." This means wearing something red each and every Friday to bring awareness to the world about our current troops and those past troops.
How about it folks? Red Friday sounds great to me!
Until next time . . . be blessed in your freedom! Susan and Monty

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