Thursday, July 23, 2009

Funding? Yes!

Yes, this morning I took the cases for additional funding for Mariano and Maria's HVAC system and Paul and Linda's complete rebuild and both were passed with flying colors!!!

I have explained the case management process to you before and how the homeowner is required to produce documents and information that we combine with an estimate before we can even take their case to the funding table. Both of these families did just that.

Mariano and Maria's case was taken quite some time ago and we did receive the funds we needed. BUT . . . then came the discovery that the entire house would need to be rewired and thus the available money was used in some different ways than we originally planned. Being able to return to the table with the request for their HVAC was awesome and we are so thankful for the favorable response. This will move this family even closer to being back home again.

Paul and Linda's approval means they will get a new roof, the rest of the house sided and a new kitchen and bathroom for them and their 3 teenage boys! Linda was more than thrilled when I called her with the good news!

I also was able to pick up the check for the final payment of Garaldeen's electric and plumbing.

Tomorrow I will be picking up the checks for Mariano's starter for their only vehicle which has been out of service for the past 2 weeks. I also will receive the funds for their stove and water heater. Another check will go for their electric bill which fell behind due to the loss of Mariano's job in the shrimping industry. These all came from separate funds other than construction and are such blessings to not only this family but to many others who are in such dire need.

Without funds such as these there would be no rebuilding! When there is a disaster there are funds that start coming into the area affected. These funds are always distributed by the local long term recovery committees. They set the guidelines for disbursement and we all are accountable for the dollars spent. Accountability is key.

We are so thankful to all those who send the funding. Whether it's from the private sector, businesses, churches, you name it and we need it! Thank you to all of you!

It's those funds that bring the smiles, warm the hearts, strengthen the hope and show God's love to those hurting so deeply!

Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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