Wednesday, July 08, 2009

BANG!!! It's morning

Yes, the morning started off with a bang -- in the literal sense! As I was beginning to check email we heard the loudest bang I think I've ever heard! Everyone, including the dogs, jumped to the roof and waited for it to come crashing in. Nothing else happened. We checked everything inside and then headed out, only to be met by the neighbors who also thought we'd all been shot! As Monty walked around the back of the trailer it was evident what had happened. The spare tire had blown up -- literally blown up! Now you ask, "how hot is it?" It also managed to rip the rubber trim from the side, blow the tail light cover to kingdom come and open the locked water access on the back wall! Atleast the sky was not falling!
The rest of our day was more than busy -- everything involving being outside in the extreme heat warning alert for the day. We met up with Darryl who is doing estimates and managed to get estimates on 4 of the 5 houses we needed. We started with Vicky, moved on to Walter, then dropped off a dining table and chairs to Art, went to Rick and Nelda's, then to Paul and Linda's and ended up at Regina's where Darryl will return next week to finish hers. Each house required us to be outside and inside, both equally as hot. We did get some relief at Paul and Linda's since they are the only ones still trying to live in their home.
The photos you see here are of Rick and Nelda's. I spoke of them a couple of days ago and here you can see the results of nothing being done since the storm. The refrigerator was tipped over and it will be wrapped with an entire roll of duct tape before even attempting to upright and take to the curb for trash! You just don't want to know how bad it smells and what drips from the doors! You can also see the water lines on the walls. We hope to be able to remove the sheetrock walls up to the 4' line but won't know for certain until we get them torn out and see how they look. It will take more than a bit of work but we are going to start the process with our incoming team this Friday. Pray for them!
By the time we arrived back at the trailer I felt like Lot's wife who had looked back and turned into a pilar of salt! I had salt deposits on my legs that could easily have been mistaken for sand --- and believe me --- we had not been to the beach! The shower, complete with it's luke warm water coming from the cold tap were life saving!
On a side note -- I would like to ask for prayers for my Daddy! He had a medical procedure done a couple of days ago and has had some rather nasty side effects from it and will be returning to the doctor tomorrow. The side effects are extremely painful and I would ask for prayers of healing and restoration and good results from the procedure results. I know the power of prayer -- especially when I have all of you praying for him!! Thank you!
Until next time . . . stay cool and be blessed. Susan and Monty

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