Wednesday, July 29, 2009

NBC Nightly News

Today started -- and ended -- with a bang!
We all know that a phone call very early in the morning usually doesn't bring good news. Maria and children were calling to say their mother dog and all 8 puppies (5 weeks old) had been killed by another dog! Only Monday had they moved them outside to their own little spot. It's a tough job to tell 5 children that kind of news! I headed over there and we called in the Animal Control investigators who took info and will see what they can do, if anything. Little Maria asked me if her puppies would be coming back after they got done in heaven? Oh the faith of children!
The team kept on working, hanging and mudding sheetrock, working on the outside and caulking. The house has taken on a great transformation these past couple of days!
Our Colorado team of youth finished the painting of Hank and Cherie's trailer and moved inside to the painting of the kitchen cabinets. Everything is beautiful and there have been quite a few lives changed in this team this week! God at work!
This evening Monty and I were honored and humbled to be featured on the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams in their "Making A Difference" segment. We are thankful to Janet and Al and the rest of the team for bringing new awareness to disaster situations.
If you were unable to see the News you can access that story along with another video on the NBC website:

The reporter, Janet, contributes to Brian Williams Nightly News blog and has written about her time with us. You can find it at

This story may feature us but it's all about YOU!!!!! Without YOU there would be no "us" and we are forever grateful!

Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty


Steve Conley said...

Told my wife while watching the story... They are Christians! Though the story never mentioned anything about your faith... we knew it! God was glorified!! Great work in His name!

Trinity UMC said...

Yeah, you're famous!!! Great job!!!

Anonymous said...

As Steve said, you MUST be Christians even though it was NEVER mentioned by Brian or NBC. Thank you both for your courageous and selfless time and talents. Please post where donations can be sent for your for your time and efforts. I KNOW you are not doing this for monetary gain. You are what the UNITED STATES of America is all about. People helping people. May the good Lord bless you 100 fold. I wish I had the time and intestinal fortitude to take up a task so daunting.

Shelley said...

I didn't see your email in time to watch or record the program, but I did watch the video clip on the internet. Wow !!! I also read Janet's written recap. There is a link to your blog there, and I hope many new people will watch the clip and read your blogs, and support your wonderful and much-needed work by becoming volunteers themselves and/or contributing financially. Well-deserved recognition for the both of you and for the ongoing need in San Leon !!! Love and God Bless, Shelley

Jackie Davis said...

M & S,

Loved seeing you two on your video:

So awesome guys and we're still praying for all you do. We understand not making the budget but the budget getting taken care of... God is so in control! WhooHoo! *HUGS*

We're nearing 4 years with you and it feels quick, yet like 4 years, and then longer, heehee.

All-in-all, live serving HIM! We so very much know. Love you two and all your teams and Neighbors!

The Davis Family

Anonymous said...

I thought the same thing as Steve C. above. Watching the NBC clip online, I was thinking, "They must be Christians..." Glad to see it's true. Blessings on you for your work for His glory. Greetings from Norway.

Help4Galveston said...

It's been a personal blessing to know you and call you friends. Thank you for all that you do!

Susan and Monty said...

For those of you who have asked about funding -- please read the opening paragraph in the heading for the information you are seeking. We thank all of you for the wonderful comments. May God bless you all!