Tuesday, July 28, 2009


There's no such thing as an "accidental" meeting! Not in God's world. Not in His plan!
You can see by the above photos that both of these teams are giving it their all, and more. Hank and Cherie's mobile home took on a whole new transformation today. The team once again jumped into their blue suits, put paint to roller (or brush) and went to work - with a passion. Tomorrow I hope to show you the before and after, you'll be amazed.
In the photos you can see Cherie doing the painstaking little detail work while another guy on the team paints -- with his broken thumb in a cast!
This evening Cherie called me and I have to relay most of the conversation for you - you need to fully understand the relationship thing! As I told you, we didn't know about this young Colorado team coming until very late Sunday night. Some people might think they are here by accident. I think they themselves thought that -- until yesterday. Their team leader, Katy, spent some time painting with Cherie today. She was telling Cherie how many mission trips they had done in the past - alot! But this one is different! This one is special! On past trips they have not had the opportunities to meet and get to know the people they are volunteering for. When they arrived at Hank and Cherie's yesterday they were amazed at the warm welcome they received. It was something they hadn't experienced. Throughout these past couple of days they have bonded with both Hank and Cherie and their 8 year old son, Blake. Katy told Cherie today that the lives of each of her team members have been changed forever -- due to this trip! Isn't God amazing -- how He has the plans already in motion and all we need do is obey! Katy and I talked a bit about this as we spoke for the first time on Sunday night. I wasn't certain she believed me -- but I know she does now. She has experienced what happens -- the relationships made -- such strong relationships in such a short amount of time! It's a God-thing for sure!
More of that was happening at Mariano and Maria's. With Mariano leaving for 3 weeks just to be able to work to earn some money so the children can get the things they will need for upcoming school it's a bit tough for Maria. This team has jumped in, head first, and made sure she is taken care of when it comes to her home being rebuilt. Today they framed in the utility room on the back, complete with a new window and entry door. Maria was thrilled when she saw it. They continued their work on the outside -- with Kevin reaching new heights as you can see in the photo! He's the one that ended up with scrapes on his face and legs yesterday in the raising of the soffit support - see yesterdays photos. Crystal is the caulking queen who never seems to run out of energy! She's constantly working away and keeping everyone on the team hydrated and taken care of at the same time! What a woman!
The sheetrocking repairs are also underway as Ken and his rental car - literally packed with tools - arrived safe and sound. He is a master at this and I am so excited to see the results by the end of the week.
The kitchen sink, bath vanity and toilet also arrived at the end of the day so the framer will turn plumber tomorrow. No problem he says!
Monty and I also spent most of the morning at Lowes getting all the interior paint selected and loaded on the truck. The kids were allowed to select their own colors for their rooms and those colors really brought a smile to the gentleman mixing them! Bright pink, purple, green and blue will turn some rather blah rooms into ones kids will love! They were more excited about seeing those paint cans than the freshly made cookies left to them from the team! The joy of the Lord spewing from kids is contagious!
All this happening with the temps once again hovering near 100 and feeling like way over that mark with the humidity. No one complains, we all just sweat! And laugh while doing so!
Living the dream -- really and truly and thankfully!!!!
Until next time . . . thanks Colorado and North Carolina! Susan and Monty

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