Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Christmas in July

Yes, Mariano and Maria and family enjoyed a huge surprise this afternoon. Thanks to the Today Show and JC Penneys we were able to bring a truck load of kitchen supplies to them. When I say a truck load that's exactly what I mean!! The boxes were packed into the bed and behind our seats! The kitchen included everything one might dream of; can opener, toaster oven, toaster, canister set, pots and pans set, dishes, silverware, glasses, heavy duty mixer, coffee maker, blender, oven mitts and pads, dish towels -- you name it and it was in there. The first thing Maria opened was the dishtowels and she was all smiles as she found them in her favorite color, dark red!

As I watched all 5 children, mom and dad open box after box and break into an even bigger smile each time I could see Jesus smiling in the same room! These are kitchen things that one wouldn't buy for oneself, especially if you are raising 5 children and are working day and night to rebuild your home and you yourself are without a job due to the storm! What an amazing blessing and we are deeply thankful to JC Penney's for their generosity and for the Today Show for the same.

The thought crossed my mind --- what if we could do this all the time? What if there were enough donations that this kind of thing could happen each time there was a need?

Today while pumping gas the lady in the spot next to us was reading the signs on our truck. She walked over and wondered how we could help her and her husband have a "house." They have lived in a mobile home for over 10 years, have their last daughter graduating from college and just want a "home" to live out the rest of their years! No, nothing from storm damage, they just want a home! It broke our hearts to tell her there wasn't anything we could do. As we drove away Monty and I both wondered what it would be like to be able to just look at her, smile and tell her we'd start her home tomorrow! (not to mention her old car having no air conditioner in the above 100 temps). Okay, some of you might think this is ridiculous, "you can't help everyone" or "you know nothing about them" . . . all sorts of things, all sorts of reservations. Look closely at the eyes, the smile, the entire face of that little girl and then of the entire family and feel what I felt!!! It's miraculous!!!!

But . . . I can still dream, I can still have faith, I can still pray and ask God to care for them and maybe someday . . . maybe somehow . . . "with God all things are possible" and I choose to hold on to that! Delivering that kitchen package today helps me hold on to that promise!!!

I pray I never loose that heart that God has given me - that intense love for people, especially those who are hurting - I am certain that is a special gift He gave me and I intend to treasure that gift for as long as I have breath!!!

What about you? What if you had the ability to change someone's world? Would you? If you did, it would change your own world -- for the better -- it's a promise!!!!

Until next time . . . try it!! And then be blessed! Susan and Monty

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