Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pastor Ellen's Bakers Dozen

They signed up for once a month -- and they were not kidding. Today Pastor Ellen returned with a total of 13 volunteers!!!
We started the day with orientation in the park as you can see by the photo. They were completely prepared for the day as Pastor Ellen and I had talked about what they would be doing and they had been reading the blog.
Our first stop was at Hank and Cherie's home where the team donned their lovely blue scrubs and went to work spreading out all the cardboard underneath the trailer. I said they were prepared! They even brought an air driven stapler! They knew they would be installing insulation under the trailer. I have to admit I never thought they would get as far as they did --- the finished it! Even Cherie was shocked when she came to check on them! She and Hank were inside putting together the tub in their bathroom. The sides for the tub were delivered this morning so they also got to work. We even have some insulation left that will be returned to Lowes and that extra will be turned around and re-used for materials for their home!
After seeing that they were all settled in we headed around the corner to Mariano and Maria's. Their task was to move all the inside furnishings to the center of the rooms and cover them with house wrap plastic to enable next weeks team to work on all the walls. They also jumped right in and even managed to get a very large !!! desk out of the house and donated to the place 2 doors down that is in the process of becoming a food pantry. After getting the inside done they moved outside and worked on the trim around the windows. We were super blessed to have Mona on this team as she speaks fluent Spanish and made the communication much easier. You can see her with Maria and the girls and then also learning to use the drill. They worked wonders with the windows and even when Hank and Cherie's team was in the church bus waiting to leave this team continued working. For all I know they might still be there!! :)
It's always nice to have returning teams, that family thing! We look forward to seeing them next month and hope that some might even return this week as they talked about. More team members means more work done and more blessings flowing back and forth between homeowner and volunteer.
Maria and girls are to be thinking about paint colors over the rest of the weekend. With children sharing bedrooms we want to do the best we can to get the colors each one would like to have. They were having fun with the color booklet I left with them. I'll be anxious to see what they came up with when I get there Monday morning.
Mariano had his truck up and running, not to my surprise! What a difference a starter makes!
I also learned of a couple of large bath vanities and some kitchen cabinets that were not needed in a couple of other homes. All I need to is go and get them and hopefully one vanity is just what we need for Mariano's home. Each piece will definitely be a blessing for someone, that I know for sure.
We want to thank Pastor Ellen for her faithfulness in dedicating one Saturday a month to come and be such wonderful blessings to the folks who need to know there are people out there who just want to come and do whatever needs done -- no agenda -- no judgments -- just love! It's a lifeline -- not only to those homeowners but also to Monty and I.
Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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