Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Healing power of prayer

Thanks to all of your prayers Monty is healing nicely. The headache is still around but much better. He sends his thanks and appreciation!

And now you can see Hai's house transforming before our eyes! Phil and his team from Vineyard started putting on the hardibacker siding yesterday. They are trimming it in aluminum and Hai is thrilled with the white trim. She has picked a beautiful blue for the paint which should make a beautiful house! The team is doing a great job and it's extra nice to see the smile on her face, and the kids!

This morning we welcomed our team of 3 women from Oklahoma who have come to spend the week. When I saw them pull up at the park for orientation I knew they were my kind of women, they came in driving a pickup truck! :) They are working at Mariano and Maria's house staining the kitchen cabinets. If you go back a couple of weeks you can see photos of the custom made, beautifully transformed kitchen. The women are using a cherry stain and went through a gallon in the first day. Maria wants one more coat on before the polyurethane will be applied, also in 2 coats. Maria surprised them with home made lunch today and even had a plate prepared for Monty and I to bring home since we were in a meeting.

Tomorrow the electrician, Oscar, is to get started. He's a couple days behind schedule but he promises he'll be there at 7AM. I sure hope so as Monty plans on meeting him there! It should only take a couple of days and he will have the entire house newly wired and up to code.

I also met with Hank and Cherie as they get plans together for the incoming team on Saturday. Cherie will be power washing the outside of the trailer in preparation for painting. It's a bit tough to even walk through the trailer with all their cabinets inside for Cherie to stain but they are thrilled and excited to see things finally happening.

It's been a day filled with things happening in all directions and we are thrilled to see progress happening in all corners. Once again, thanks to the volunteers who brave the weather to come and bless those needing the blessings so desperately!!!

Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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