Friday, July 24, 2009

Electric AND a starter

You might be wondering about the top couple of photos. Lately, nearly every late afternoon a pretty big thunderstorm comes up and yesterday looked like the one photo you see. We packed the dogs in the truck and decided to drive a bit closer to the water and see what it looked like. About that time the winds kicked up and Samson was having alot of fun hanging his head out the window. Monty managed to capture quite the view!
Today Glen, Monty and Mariano got 99% of the electric completed in Mariano's house. The siding is now up on the corner we had to leave off for the electric panel and things are coming together. The house is also equipped with smoke detectors, for the first time! I also received the funding for his starter for his truck and was able to drop it off this afternoon. Now all we need to do is pay the back electric bill and have the power turned on. I also spoke with the HVAC man and he is scheduled to begin working on Wednesday morning and feels he will be done sometime on Thursday. He plans on building a platform around 5 - 6 feet in the air to set the unit on -- just in case of another flood! Smart planning.
Art also called me this afternoon. He has a break from the hospital and wanted to check in and thank us for everything -- even though we haven't done much yet. He is getting the medical attention he needs and feeling some better. It was good to hear from him.
After a trip to Lowes I was able to drop more material to Hank and Cherie as they prepare for tomorrows team and one for all next week. We hope to get the insulation completed underneath the trailer and be able to move on to painting it and then working inside in the bathroom.
It's nice to feel like things are coming together and getting closer to being "home" again for families. Tomorrow I will be checking on Hai as I think she might be just days away from moving in and also starting a new "normal" for she and the children. With school just around the bend this is so important for children. They have been displaced for so long, not fully understanding all that has and is happening. All they know is they want their home back again and with the help of God we will get them there, eventually!
Until tomorrow . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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