Saturday, July 04, 2009


We headed out first thing this morning and as we traveled we ran into some pretty hefty storms. Now understand that we have not seen rain the entire month of June in Texas so it almost seemed strange. The rain is one thing but downpours where you can't see, even with the wipers on high, complete with lightning and thunder aren't something I like driving in. But . . . it did drop the temps nearly 20 degrees here in Mississippi so I'm not going to complain.

We arrived late this afternoon and had fun driving around the city this evening checking on some of the homes we helped rebuild. Of course the first one we went by was Ms Faye. (for those of you who are new to this blog, go to March of 2007 for Ms Faye's story). Her home is beautiful and to our surprise she has added on to the master bedroom end! Whoever did it did such an amazing job we could hardly notice it except she now has a bay window in that bedroom! It's absolutely beautiful and we plan on calling her tomorrow and maybe getting over to see her! God has truly blessed her and blessed us by just being able to see that she is doing okay.

From there we drove by quite a few: Ms Ollie's is also beautiful, looking brand new. She did manage to enclose a small section underneath for a storage area and it looks great. Ms Darlene's is fabulous, complete with new siding painted a wonderful light green. The city of Pascagoula looks so good, people were packing the local park on the beach (they rebuilt the beach itself) for tonights fireworks show. Pastor David's house is in the construction process and looking good also. The trees are fuller than ever, city streets are cleaned up and old damaged buildings have been demolished and removed. There are so many homeowners that we would like to see but time just doesn't permit it on this trip. None the less, it did our hearts good to see the ones we did and feel the blessing of being able to be God's hands and feet and heart to so many families!

Thank you -- all of you who have helped us on this mission! We are forever grateful and pray you will continue doing so, no matter where we are!

Have a wonderful and blessed weekend! Susan and Monty

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