Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Funding preparations

Yesterday Monty spent the entire day at Mariano's working on the electric, alone. Glen had to be elsewhere but he was back this morning and they are really getting close to being done. All the wire is pulled and Mariano was going to put up that last piece of outside siding this evening so the electric box could be mounted and they could start wrapping things up. Glen has to be at another job tomorrow but will be back with us on Friday. We sure are thankful to the Baptists for sharing him with us and blessing Mariano and family.

I started off this morning with a meeting of the UMCOR crew. Lee, the case manager, and I had to put our heads together to prepare paperwork for 2 funding requests tomorrow. Lee will be out of town so I'll take them in and sit at the table to explain my case for each family.

The first case is for Mariano. We were not aware that we would need to completely rewire the entire home so alot of the construction funds went toward that. He also needs a complete heating and air system, that is the request I am taking in. I have a more than reasonable bid and hope to get the request through with flying colors.

The second case is for Paul and Linda. This will be a request for all the materials needed to complete the home; new roof, kitchen and bathroom. Linda was great about getting all her documentation in order so off we go -- please keep both families in your prayers.

I also spoke with a couple of our incoming teams today. One is coming for the day Saturday and the other for all week next week. They now have a better idea as to what they will be doing and can pack their tools accordingly. Sounds like we are getting some good skills coming our way! Praise God!

Later in the day I met with Alan, our construction manager for UMCOR. The recovery effort just closed its doors in Port Arthur and Alan was bringing back tools -- priceless for all of us! I met him at the Lowes south of us where we spent the next hour packing my truck.

Once I got back with the tools I realized it was just me to get everything unloaded and into the tool trailer. I managed to get it all done just in time to go and pick up Glen and return him to Galveston. We both looked like we had already taken our showers -- but we sure didn't smell like it!

And then the day was done --- if only the heat would go with it! Oh well, guess that's why they call it summer!

We have some really exciting news coming tomorrow so be sure and stay tuned! Can't let the cat out of the bag just yet!!!!

Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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