Monday, July 06, 2009

Over and Back

Pitiful -- just pitiful!!! And so many people actually feel sorry for our dogs -- living in a camper trailer day in and day out -- seeing these just might change your mind!! Oh for the life of our dogs!! :)

Yes, we made it back to Texas late this afternoon. The donated pickup truck for UMCOR will be a great working truck for everyone -- but -- the air conditioner does not (repeat - not) work! Monty found out all too well as he made the over 7 hour drive with the thermometer outside reading 101. Having all the windows down just isn't much of a help. But what a work truck it will be! We all thank the Biloxi United Methodist Church for their donation!!

Yesterday we were able to attend Pastor David's church service and also share in their potluck afterwards. Pastor asked us to say a few things about where we are and what God is doing. It felt so good to be back and see friends who turned into family!

Later in the evening we were able to visit with Pastor Lavoy and Tracy. We spent hours just talking about all sorts of things and my side hurt from laughter as stories were told -- the joy of the Lord bursting forth! They invited us to come back and also update folks at their church whenever we have the time. We plan on taking them up on the offer someday!

And this morning we were up early and on the road. Traffic was pretty smooth with most weekend travelers already home. Interstate 10 can be extremely dangerous and we thank all of you who kept us in your prayers.

Tomorrow has us going and coming, here and there, back at it once again. Materials to get delivered and/or picked up, electricians to meet with, homeowners to check in on, another home to look into and prepare for gutting with our incoming day team this Friday -- "and the beat goes on" . . .

Once again, thanks to everyone for your prayers.

Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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