Monday, June 29, 2009


Another shot of Mariano and Maria's new pantry addition to their kitchen. This area had been closed in with a water heater inside. The floor had completely fallen through after the storm and after Mariano getting in there and doing his own framing it was ready for the pantry and the refrigerator. What an improvement and what a smile it brought to Maria's face!

This week we do not have a team! Seems amazing but it's turning into a week of preparation for next week and all the weeks after. After this weekend we have teams every single week for as far out as the calendar goes! And each weekend is packed with the one day teams. So we need to get materials on site at all the homes. This sounds like quite the easy task but we have to keep track of those who we have received funding for and those who have their own funds to work with. It's quite the checks and balances record keeping and I am thankful for the old pencil and paper methods!

I've been working on getting the entire estimate ready for Vicky. She sent me photos of what her kitchen cabinets looked like before the storm as she wants them back as closely as possible. Those are what I will take to Lowes and have them go from there. The rest of the estimate is nearly complete. I had to add a refrigerator and that is done. We always go "mid-range" with prices, not the lowest and not the highest. With homes like hers that needs some of this and more of that it can get quite detailed and getting all the parts and pieces together takes some doing. She did tell me how extremely happy she was when she drove up late Saturday and saw all the work the team had done! The cleanliness of her stove nearly sent her into tears! She asked that I pass on her deepest thanks and she hopes to get to meet them on their next trip!! So thanks team -- awesome job and more awesome blessings!!

Monty has been working on the tool trailer getting the shelving built and installed. When he came in this afternoon the sweat was dripping as though he'd been underneath the water hose. I know he wished that had been where he was! The thermometer read 104!!!! No end is in sight and it definitely has the locals worried as it's way too warm way too early and the waters are also way too warm way too early which all spells "hurricane" weather!!! All are talking about it and none are ready!!!

We made a visit to Hai last evening and she also mentioned the weather. Her oldest 3 children are spending the summer with her inlaws in the northeast and she has the youngest 2. She is anxious to have her house done and be able to move in. But she is also patient and continues working inside on her own. Quite the worker!

We hope all of you are doing well and are enjoying the beginnings of summer.

Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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