Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Pastor Dave is a Grandpa

Very first --- super congratulations to our Pastor Dave, his wife Lisa, and especially their son Dave and daughter in law Abby on the birth of their first grandchild/child! She wasn't due until the end of this month but God smiled and said little Miss Lisa was ready to see this great big world He had in store for her. She is the first -- child and grandchild -- and she WILL be spoiled -- just as God planned! We send our love and only wish we could be there to share in the joy!
Today was another day where Hai's house took on a new transformation. The floor tiling started. You can see Timothy and Gregg, both spent most all day on their knees -- while Phil did the mixing. They were like a finely tuned machine and got alot done. Hai requested that the tile be layed at a 45 degree angle and Gregg just smiled and did as she requested. It's looking fantastic and will continue full force tomorrow.
Pam also spent quite some time on the floor applying the floor leveling compound. This levels the flooring where the jack hammering had been done to install the plumbing. From there she joined me in finishing the kitchen cabinets. You can see the finished product in the photo. I only have 3 cabinets that need the second coat and they will be ready. We wanted the tile flooring down first and then the cabinets will be installed on top -- just makes for a better installment all the way around.
Monty spent his day in Houston, on the roads and in a semi truck. It's all part of his testing process for his CDL. Even though he passed all 5 written tests he has to take the driving portion. This requires 2 days of practice driving. The morning session was great, he did well and was quite relaxed. The afternoon session took on a whole new face -- it must be designed to see just how much a driver can take before completely flipping out -- and he made it through! By the time it was done I think his head was ready to explode but he kept his composure and will return again tomorrow for the final day -- please pray for him! He plans on taking the actual test on Friday morning -- depending on how well tomorrow goes. Like I said, please pray! He has worked so very hard and is very ready to have it all done.
I had another meeting with my Vietnamese family that I told you about a couple of months ago. They are the ones who came to this country about 5 years ago, along with their 5 children. They were promised a "better life" by his sister -- he could go to work on the oyster boats and make good money. 3 years later he caught his right arm in the fishing nets and not only lost his arm but most of his shoulder. They then lost their home -- completely gone -- and everything in it during the storm. They are currently living in a rented mobile home that is so far from safe, sanitary and secure that it makes my blood boil that some person is actually making money by renting this place and calling it a home! Neither of them speak English enough to understand so I brought in an interpreter and we made great progress this afternoon. We are looking at some options and hopefully will be able to get some additional funding for them to purchase a new "used" mobile home for their family. He will never work again and she works at several nail salons just trying to keep their heads above water. She was telling me today that their 17 year old son now has a full time job (after his day as a senior at high school) and uses all his money to help the family pay the bills and live! Please pray that we will be able to help this family! It will take alot of work but I have promised them that I will give this all I've got -- I'll leave no stone unturned to find a solution! Help me Lord! Help them more!
Until next time . . . thank the Lord for the home you have! Susan and Monty

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