Monday, April 13, 2009

Indiana with Wisconsin = awesome Monday

Last night we welcomed Rose Hulman Engineering School men to the camp. They have sent volunteers before and this time they are all "new" except for Stevo -- we knew he would be back! By this evening there will be 3 more of them arriving.
Wisconsin will also be welcoming 2 more this evening. I wasn't kidding when I talked about this week being a revolving door!
All were up and ready to go this morning. We had ironed out alot of the job details last night and were out the door quite early for a Monday morning.
Two were off to Butch and Teresa's to continue helping wherever needed. They ended up learning how to lay carpeting. As their leader, Whitney, said ,"it's a great learning experience." He was smiling too!
Another team headed to Hai's to continue the tile and grouting. Jessie spent most of her day on her knees and did a great job. You can see Matt visiting with Peter -- the one who didn't talk? He was telling Matt all about his card game. Meanwhile Irene was putting the spacers in the tile with Phillip. What a team!
We started working in Laura's mobile home today. She needed some good cleaning before putting in insulation and preparing for sheetrock tomorrow. Before we call her complete we will have skirted the trailer, built a new large deck, sheetrocked the inside, installed all new laminate flooring and new window air units. This team is just getting the job started.
Another new job was Margie. Stevo and his team started insulating the bedroom ceiling and also preparing for sheetrock tomorrow. They will be joined by some of the new team members arriving tonight who will be working outside on her new deck and ramp combination. Margie herself was being visited by the nurse who was trying to do her best to keep Margie healthy. The nurse was very excited that we were installing a larger deck and ramp since Margie has fallen a couple of times off the wobbly steps she has now.
I spent some time getting final preparations lined up to apply for funding for Khanh and his family. They are the ones needing appliances and hopefully by Thursday afternoon I will have the approval and be on my way to purchase a great and long overdue load of appliances for their family and they can put food in a refrigerator instead of a styrofoam cooler and cook on a stove with an oven instead of a propane hotplate and maybe even wash and dry some clothes!
Usually Mondays are a bit hectic and scattered but today was a pleasant surprise. Everyone was ready and stepped right into the work needing done. Monty will be helping those at Laura's to get the hang of installing sheetrock only partially -- when walls only needed gutted at the 2 or 3 or 4 foot level it puts a whole new meaning to the installation process.
Diane is enjoying some much deserved time off while her daughters and granddaughters are here in Houston. We know they are all enjoying the sunshine and sandy beaches that were just recreated in Galveston!
Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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