Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Major "testing"

The top photos were taken at NASA. One is the Saturn V that has been restored to its original condition, quite the massive rocket! The other is the actual vehicle that was used to drive around the moon! It was really awesome to see things like that in person. We watch on TV and then getting to really see them is amazing!
The other photos are at Hai's house. The electrical problems continue to plague all of us. Monty and Timothy have spent the entire week trying to get things worked out and still have a ways to go. I don't understand enough about the actual problem to relay anything other than they are quite concerned and will continue to work through it.
Phillip has also spent each day down on his knees, either laying the floor tile or grouting it! Even though he is only 21 years old even he says his knees hurt! The floors look beautiful and we pray the electric will be the same --- soon!
Yesterday was a day spent with meetings and more meetings. The biweekly long term recovery met and talked about the number of homes that are being worked in and how they continue doing their best to get the extra funding needed into the hands of the relief organizations doing the work. We, as Mercy Response, have received the most funding. They also confirmed that we are the only group working in San Leon and as they receive requests they will be forwarding them directly to us. I received 2 more yesterday that have been fully funded by CORE before they left the area and closed up their operation. I plan on contacting both homeowners in the next couple of days to start the case management process. Now we just need the volunteers!
I also met with Benjamin and Rita in Galveston. We have been working in their home for quite a few weeks and have made amazing progress but they are now out of funds to work with. They are gathering the documentation that I need to match with an estimate that we have already done. From there I can go to the long term recovery construction division and request the needed funds. It's a process to get all the ducks in a row but the process works!
Today Diane and I spent the morning in Galveston. This year the annual nationwide conference for all Vineyard Pastors will be held in Galveston. It was planned before the storm and they decided to leave the plans as they were. On one of the days Convoy of Hope will be helping us sponsor a huge outreach for the communities. It will cover an entire city block and everything will be free. We will have live music, groceries to take home, hot meals served all day, a kids zone with all sorts of things they can play in and on, free haircuts, free health screenings, you name it will be there -- and all for free! So today we got the flyers and headed into the city to spread them around to as many businesses as possible. I think I wore the seat of my jeans off getting in and out of the car so many times but we got them into alot of places and will return to hit the other end of town soon. I also have to get them into San Leon but need to make sure we have them written up in Vietnamese as well as Spanish.
For those of you who have helped keep us in the field with your support I am working on a newsletter to get out to you. Finding time to get it done isn't easy but hopefully it will be in your mailbox before summer!!!! Once again, our thanks for your faithfulness -- no matter what is happening in our economy!
Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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