Saturday, April 18, 2009

They left with the thunder

Walter greets the men who installed his new windows in the lower level of his home.

Yesterday was the day where teams do everything they can to "finish" what they started. This is always tough on most teams as they won't finish -- we try to get that point across in the orientation but it's still against everything we know. We are taught that if we don't finish what we started we didn't do a good job. That just doesn't work here in the disaster field. They furthered what the team before them did and prepared for the next incoming team. Their part is critical -- and still tough!

Our engineering college students who decided to spend their spring break working instead of laying on some beach somewhere all headed back to school this morning. They did finish Margie's new deck and ramp! Quite the accomplishment considering it wasn't a small project! We were sad to see them leave, especially knowing Stevo wasn't feeling well. He wasn't the only one, Phillip has been in bed all day with an upset stomach! Prayers for healing definitely needed!

Ryan and his friend, Travis headed off to San Antonio for the weekend to do some sightseeing before returning Sunday night and working Monday. Ryan will be on a plane headed back to Wisconsin on Tuesday morning and Travis will return to his home in Houston. Ryan says he's praying that his flight will be delayed so he can stay! If that flight had been today it most definitely would have been delayed -- the storms have been constant and we are totally flooded -- everywhere! Stepping out of our trailer will put us in atleast 4 inches of water --- and it hasn't stopped! In fact -- we are under a tornado warning right now! Yes, a warning! They are different here than in the midwest. They issue a warning when they realize one could pop up any minute. This close to the water causes advance warnings to come early -- to keep our heads looking toward the sky. The worst of that storm has passed us and is in Galveston as I write or I wouldn't be on the computer!

Matt and Jess, from Wisconsin, are staying until tomorrow and working at Hai's today. They hope to do some more grouting and possibly find out where her leak is in the ceiling? It seems to be coming from the roof itself and since it's a new roof??? Monday will tell us why.

Matt and Jess also had a huge surprise for Hai when they arrived -- they had stopped along the way and bought her a brand new lawn mower! For those of you who have been there you know just how much she needed one! And what an amazing blessing!!!

As I write this Matt and Jess just returned to camp and had quite the adventure -- all roads are flooded, standing water and cars under -- every direction they turned was water -- but they finally made it!

We also have water issues in that the church is flooding along the outside walls! The city park next to us is completely under water also! I can't even guestimate how much we've had today but if someone reported nearly 10 inches I would believe it!

We are glad the team made it out when they did and we pray for safe travel as they head back north!

Until next time . . . be blessed and stay dry!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Susan and Monty

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