Monday, April 27, 2009

It's all about relationships

Monday -- of another kind. We don't have any teams of our own this week but that doesn't stop us from getting the work done. You can see from the photo that we called upon the PDA, Presbytarian Disaster Assistance. They came in prepared with open and willing hearts and hands and will be putting a new roof on for Victor. It's quite the photo -- Mercy Response stands with PDA who stands with the Vietnamese village leader -- all working together -- crossing cultural and religious boundaries -- and all smiles and filled with warm hearts and love for the Lord! I just thought it was a great shot of what this is all about!
The other photo is Phillip -- all smiles also. He finished laying the tile in Hai's house! He only has a bit to grout tomorrow and he will be able to call it done! After spending 3 weeks on his knees he has a right to smile.
We also got the absolutely fantastic news that Marie's house passed its electrical inspection -- the final one -- today! The city should be there in a couple of days and bring her power from their pole to her house. She might be able to turn on a light -- for the first time since the storm!!!!! Can you hear her praising the Lord?!
I must cut this short as we are in the middle of yet another severe thunderstorm this evening and the winds and rain are pounding us. I just haven't seen rains like this!!!
Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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