Thursday, April 30, 2009

Plans, plans and more plans

I couldn't resist taking the lower photo. On my way to Lowes this morning I always have to pass this beautifully landscaped fountain at the entrance of a subdivision. This morning someone put soap in the fountain and all day long it was spewing soap suds. When the winds blew it was quite comical as the suds bubbles were streaming across the road right onto cars. Sort of a natural car wash??
You can see in the upper photo that Victor's roof is coming along nicely. They feel like they will have it done by time to leave tomorrow afternoon. We pray the weather will continue to hold its rain drops tight in the sky until they are done! We are so thankful for the work they have done.
My day started with the weekly case management meeting where we learned more about the DHAP program, Disaster Housing Assistance Program. They pick up where FEMA leaves off with those who were housed in hotels and getting the information was important.
We also learned at the meeting that my FEMA educational summit meeting scheduled for next Tuesday has been cancelled due to the swine flu!!! Yes, Texas is being hit quite hard, the first death was in Houston on Monday. Schools are closing, Ft Worth is nearly shut down scrubbing their schools. Things are being cancelled daily leaving each days schedule uncertain. We pray this will have no effect on our conference and outreach but no promises.
After checking on the roofing team, checking in on Hai and talking with numerous clients I headed back to get some much needed paperwork ready for the funding request table. It takes quite a bit of work to get all the documents they require and I still have a couple to get done before I can schedule the appointment. Some of these homeowners just need the materials so they can finish the work themselves. Others will be dependent on volunteers -- and this flu thing is effecting the flow of those --not positively!
Monty, our new volunteer Jim, and Phillip spent the day moving trailers, scrubbing nearly everything getting ready to be transported to the outreach and completing the long list Diane had for them to get done. Phillip will be flying to New Orleans very early tomorrow morning so he can pick up the UHaul truck owned by Mercy Response and drive it back here to be used for the outreach. The truck has been in the shop and got done just in time to be put to use. Please pray for safe travel for Phillip.
As you can see, we are going in all directions with the outreach and yet trying to stay in touch with our homeowners. They realize we will not be working in their homes over the next week and even though the outreach is going to be awesome it's tough to step out of their homes. We just hope they all come to the outreach for all the free things!
Speaking of free things -- I have mentioned my great working relationship with Lowes. Today they really surprised us. Both Mike and Alex will be coming to our outreach! Not just as spectators -- they are tapping all the local Lowes stores for their kids birdhouse projects and received permission from their boss to come and set up a place where the kids can come and build them! Amazing!!!! And they are both so excited about it! They are also going to donate 2 full pallets of water for all the volunteers! As I have said so many times --- it's all about relationships and I plan on not shopping anywhere else but this Lowes store!!! Thanks to all of them who are always there with whatever we need!
Be sure and stay tuned as each day is not only packed with preparations -- it's also packed with surprises and added blessings around every corner!
On a very special note --- SUPER thanks to Monty's mother, Judy, for her contribution to our support today! She seems to always know just when we need it!!!! We love you and only wish we could thank you in person!!!! What a mom!!!
If you would like to help with our support (we aren't sent or sponsored by any organization but friends and family who know our hearts) you can send your tax deductible donations to our sending agency who will deposit directly into our account. We thank you and know God will bless you abundantly for your gifts. Please send them to:
International Gospel Outreach (IGO)
PO Box 1008
Semmes, AL 36575
Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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