Monday, April 06, 2009

In blows a new week

Before and after photos of Terri's house -- quite the improvement!

It was a weekend packed with things to do. Most of my Saturday was spent at the computer trying to get caught up. I did get alot done but still had alot to do, paperwork just never ends does it?! Monty did take a couple of hours and go fishing but it seems nothing was biting.

Timothy and Phil Jr headed up north to help Phil Sr get a platform built in a local church. It was dinner time before Timothy returned. Phil stayed to spend the weekend with his family.

Sunday found Diane under the weather with a cough that just won't let up so she decided to not go to church. She did get some sleep and was doing a bit better today. We were sad to bid another goodbye to Gregg and Pam as they headed home to South Dakota. They decided to leave their camper trailer here as they plan on returning in a few weeks and a blizzard was happening over many of the areas they would be traveling through. We pray for their safe arrival home and another safe trip back to us! Timothy, Monty and I had a quick lunch and decided to use a few of the free NASA tickets that were purchased for us by one of our past teams. It was a beautiful day although the winds picked up and nearly blew us away. We spent the entire afternoon there and it was awesome -- brought back alot of memories and taught me alot of things I never realized. We got the see the main command center and that was really neat. It was a trip that could have taken all day but we just ran out of time. Thanks to the team who was so generous as to purchase the tickets so we could go when time allowed.

Today had us loading one of our trailers with items to donate to Pastor Bob's church for their Easter outreach this coming Saturday. We took trash bags, hygiene kits, water and more hygiene items. It should be a great day, fun for the kids and gifts for everyone. We are blessed to have played such a small part.

Monty, Timothy and Phil headed off to Hai's house. Monty and Timothy were tackling some electrical issues while Phil continued tiling the bedrooms. They worked until late in the day and were back quite late for dinner. Progress continues one step at a time.

Diane and I spent our day with Phil, book work, paperwork and financial work! We made it through everything we needed to get through and I even got a bit more of my own paperwork caught up with! Amazing!

The team we had scheduled for this week cancelled so it's just the 5 of us making our own team! It has caused us to have to step out of a few homes this week but we pray the teams coming in next week will grow in size and we will be back to spreading as many blessings to as many homeowners as possible.

Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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