Wednesday, April 22, 2009

House full of love

The floor tiling in Hai's house is nearly complete. The photo shows Phillip -- seems as though he's tiled himself into the corner in the bathroom??? He actually does have a plan and has done a fabulous job in her house! Good thing he's only 21 as he's spent the past nearly 3 weeks on his knees every single day!
The other photo shows the process of installing her cabinets. By the end of the day they had them all in and will be installing the counter tops tomorrow along with the stove and microwave oven. In a matter of 2 days her kitchen will actually become a kitchen! She stood in amazement as she watched it happen with her own eyes! She came to me this afternoon, nearly in tears, and told me that she wouldn't trade this house for any brand new home -- anywhere! She said this house has been built with so much love that no new house could ever measure up! I think I saw angels dancing throughout! When I ran into Pastor Bob he agreed whole heartedly.
Margie's flooring is all in along with the base. The team will finish up a few last minute finishing touches and put her furniture back and then pronounce the project complete! Margie would like teams to continue coming but has to come to the realization that our work is done and we must go on and help those who are waiting to be helped. She is a perfect example of the ministry coming first and the rebuilding second!
Laura's house is being transformed by the hour. The painting is moving right along and the team will finish the laminate flooring in the back bedroom tomorrow and possibly be working their way down the hallway and into the laundry room. Once that bedroom is done they will start moving everything from the kitchen into that bedroom. We are all anxious to see what the kitchen actually looks like as it has been filled from floor to ceiling with the furnishings Laura is left with!
Walter was up and more than ready for the team. He had been up and shaved and had his false teeth in place!!!! He had a reason to get up and shave and put his teeth in -- and it had nothing at all to do with the structural rebuilding of his home! They did get some more insulation put in and when we get the jackhammer rented tomorrow morning they will be able to get some of the rough in plumbing started in his bathroom. The women were busy cleaning things for him and getting alot of his laundry done -- most of it from what he could save in the storm! He misses that women's touch since his wife passed away 3 years ago!
Monty spent most of his day in Galveston with the electricians that are working in Marie's house. We were very blessed when Nehemiah's Vision, the Baptist based relief effort, offered the services of their experienced volunteers to us. They are working through a Texas licensed electrician and getting the job done. The inspection should happen tomorrow and with a couple of prayers we should pass with flying colors and be able to continue forward with her rebuilding. Marie has to be one of the most patient women I have ever met! But we are now moving forward and hopefully will have her done soon!
As you read through this it is my hope that you see the hope that comes to homeowners in this type of disaster ministry! I have said it a thousand times and will continue to say so --- volunteers bring hope; hope that they will be able to return to some sort of normal life again, that someone really does care about them and they see the love of Jesus shown to them through the lives of these volunteers! What an amazing miracle -- one Monty and I are blessed to see daily and one we know each volunteer takes back home with them!
Until next time . . . be blessed . . . help someone. . . experience the miracle! Susan and Monty

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