Friday, April 24, 2009

How do we stop?

Yes, that's our director Phil with his new bbq grill and smoker ready to be taken to our national Vineyard Pastor's convention in 2 more weeks! He had to come and bring it along with our old grill that had been repaired and new wheels put on! Something about a man and his tools??!!
Fridays are days when teams, every one of them, must come to terms with stopping their jobs and knowing they are out of time to bring them to the point of "done." Fridays are tough days, the tiredness has set in, the anticipation of returning home to loved ones, and yet feeling that sense of urgency to get everything done. We talk about it every Monday, we explain that production is not the number one thing here, we do what we can to convince them that this is not your average work week where not getting something done does not mean you didn't do a good job! It's still tough! The line "if we only had one more week" echoes throughout the day. Some really mean it -- they would stay another week -- and others just wanted to finish what they started in the week they have here. Either way, it's not done BUT it will get done! More teams came before them to get them where they were this week and more teams will follow them to carry on with what they did and yes -- there will come the team that will bring it to "done."
This team did accomplish getting "done" in 2 homes --- quite the accomplishment! They finished Margie's house and today they put the final touches of installing the counter top in Naomi's house. An awesome feat and one not done by any other team to date!
They pushed forward with all they had in both Laura's house and Hai's. Laura called me this morning to say she had stopped by (she works alot of hours) and when she was talking about how beautiful her home was she couldn't hold back the tears! The team got the laminate flooring all done except for the kitchen! The painting is all done and we only have a bit of trim to do! What a blessing for Laura!
Hai's team shifted from Laura to her to make sure they could get her tile flooring sealed by the end of the day. The cabinets are in, the sink needs installed, the appliances are in (Hai even made microwave popcorn for the kids last night) and everything looks fabulous. The plumbing in the bath will be completed by Monty on Monday and I'll start with her base trim. Each week she gets closer and closer to that awesome dedication day! Be sure and stay tuned as I have invited each team to return for that special day! Wouldn't that be incredible -- a representative from every team who put so much love, time and talent into creating a home for she and her children!
This evening the team is doing their regular end of stay cleaning. Even though they are tired they still find the extra "umph" that it takes to leave the building and warehouse just as clean as when they arrived.
They will be heading home very !!! early tomorrow morning and we will miss them. As I have said in the past, when teams return it really is like having family come to visit. This team is such a special group of family members for us and we pray for their safe travel and that they will once again return to come and bless anyone and everyone in any and every way they can. Just being obedient! So simple yet so awesome!
Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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