Thursday, April 23, 2009

Start with 4, end with 2

Yes, they started with 4 jobs on Monday and by this afternoon 2 of those jobs were completed. Margie's bedroom and ramp are completely done and we are thankful for those who made it happen in only 2 weeks! She is thrilled yet will miss having the company. Please keep her in your prayers!
Walter's house is put on hold until he gets some major plumbing and electrical issues taken care of. The team sadly wrapped up by mid afternoon and headed off to help at Laura's house. You can see most of them inside getting a tour of what has been done and what still needs done.
Hai's house is taking shape by the day. You can see a view from the back end of the family room looking into her new kitchen. The cabinets and counter tops are now installed along with her microwave (also newly vented outside), her washer and dryer installed and stove and dishwasher also installed. If we don't be careful she'll be moving in! :)
This morning was my weekly case management meeting. I also had an agenda to present Mr Khanh's case to unmet needs to request money to purchase his appliances. This process is quite detailed but works well. I went in front of the case review committee which makes sure I have all my documentation in order. After passing that I was then sent on to the unmet needs committee who decides whether this is a needy case. By the time I got there they were all convinced and therefore I will be receiving the funds to go and purchase a refrigerator, stove, washer, dryer, bath vanity and sink for Khanh, his wife and their 4 boys (all under the age of 9). It will be an amazing day when we pull up with our trailer -- fully loaded with everything! He was in tears at hearing the news over the phone! It's one of those days where I thank God for all the education He has provided me over these past years. Each disaster is a learning experience and the opportunity to use past education. And yet the learning is never over -- and I love the entire process!
Tomorrow the teams will be in both Laura's house and Hai's. Darrell and Howard will be heading to Galveston to put the counter tops in at Naomi's house. Yes, we already had the dedication but this was the only thing needing done and tomorrow it will be totally done! She is thrilled at just the thought! When the men finish there they will be headed back to San Leon to finish up their day and their week! Is it the end of the week already??
We are so thankful to all the teams who have come and as always will be quite sad at the end of tomorrow when we know we must once again say goodbye to those who have become extensions of our families!
Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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